How Can The Proposed American Jobs Plan Help Maintain Safe Travel?
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How Can The Proposed American Jobs Plan Help Maintain Safe Travel?

What Will The Proposed Plan Do For To Revitalize Infrastructure?

How Can The Proposed American Jobs Plan Help Maintain Safe Travel?

Under Joe Biden's administration, a 1 trillion dollar infrastructure proposal has been proposed and is currently moving through the senate. This potential bipartisan deal can help create jobs and improve the infrastructure of roadways, bridges and water systems and not include any tax increases for the general American public. The economic recovery is a key focus of President Biden's agenda and a passed infrastructure bill can help repair some of the under maintained infrastructures in the United States.

Although the infrastructure has yet to pass in the US Senate, the tentative infrastructure deal can help repair badly damaged roadways, causeways and transportation services in the United States.

What Will The Proposed Plan Do To Roads & Bridges?

The proposed infrastructure deal will help modernize and fix more than 20,000 miles of freeways, roadways and surface streets. This proposed deal will also modernize the ten most important bridges to the US economy in the country that are badly in need of reconstruction.

In addition to the ten significant bridges, the American Jobs Plan will also help repair more than 10,000 smaller bridges that are in need of repair. This plan helps restore a vital link to communities and expand transit systems into new communities.

Will the Proposed Plan Improve Any Other Types of Transportation?

Yes - not only will the proposed American Jobs Plan improve roadways and different modes of overland transportation, the proposal also includes ports and airports. The proposed plan aims to ensure that under-maintained public resources are given the proper investment to help provide adequate infrastructure that Americans can trust that are resilient through natural disasters including fires, storms and floods.

Why Is The Infrastructure Deal Needed?

After decades of declining public infrastructure investments, the American Jobs Plan aims to help restore and renovate previously neglected infrastructure. Every year in the United States, an excess of 35,000 people tragically lose their lives in auto accidents. Millions more are injured on an annual basis. The United States is one of the leaders in the industrialized world for both auto accident injuries, and deaths caused in auto accidents. Even within the Western Hemisphere American continent, the United States has a rate 200% higher than Canada.

The plan aims to help reduce auto accidents by improving infrastructure and investing and reinvesting in public transportation services. By revitalizing the roadway system and investing resources into public transportation services, individuals that were previously unable to access public transit can potentially do so under President Biden's American Jobs Plan proposal.

With public transportation being revitalized and reaching more Americans under the proposed plan, the aim is to allow individuals that were previously unable to access public transit utilize these components of public infrastructure. This in turn can reduce the amount of miles driven by Americans resulting in fewer greenhouse emissions and lower amounts of auto accidents.

Although a bi-partisan deal has yet to be reached, an improvement to American infrastructure is desperately needed. Bridges and roads from coast to coast are under-maintained and at risk of failure if an infrastructure deal is not agreed upon.

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