How 'All Is As All Should Be' Is Secretly About 'The Adventure Zone'

How 'All Is As All Should Be' Is Secretly About 'The Adventure Zone'

Casey Crescenzo is a closet TAZ fan, and I can prove it.

About two hours into a four-hour train from Venice to Rome, I made a startling and possibly world-changing discovery: The Dear Hunter's new EP, All Is As All Should Be, is actually about the Balance Arc of the popular Dungeons and Dragons podcast, The Adventure Zone. There are six songs, one for each aspect of the seven birds prophecy: The Twins, The Lover, The Protector, The Lonely Journal Keeper, The Peacemaker, and The Wordless One. The album cover even features a handprint made from the rings of a tree.

"Now, Phoebe," I hear you say, "All Is As All Should Be is a collection of songs based on fans' lives. It's not a fan album for your D&D podcast." And that's true, but play with me.

Warning: Spoilers for everything up to episode 67 of The Adventure Zone.

1. The Right Wrong - The Protector

With the chance to go back and amend every grievance, how could I resist preventing my demons from ever existing and making a mess of the life that I could have had? Would I return to you? To the love I knew?

This is the song I was actually listening to when I had this earth-shattering revelation. I had just finished relistening to episode 48, where the chalice offers the boys the chance to change a moment in their history and was more than a little surprised when "The Right Wrong" came up on shuffle.

The very real possibility that Magnus would have taken the chalice if it didn't mean giving up all he'd done with the Bureau, making him the only member of the IPRE to actually be tempted by one of the relics, is a bit of characterization that I find fascinating.

A large portion of Magnus' character comes from his fixation on the lives he might have saved, especially Julia's, and the ways he wishes he could change his actions are perfectly mirrored in "The Right Wrong."

Not only are questions like, "Where could you have gone, the only right I had wronged?" and "What character would I be if my conscience was clean? What would become of me?" at the core of Magnus' character arc, especially as his past actions becomes foggier after The Eleventh Hour.

The song's final decision that "despite all my skeletons, I see all is as all should be" is exactly where Magnus lands at the end of episode 48. It was quite literally the exact dilemma I had just listened to in an hour and a half episode of TAZ condensed into a four-minute song.

2. Blame Paradise - The Lonely Journal Keeper

Did you believe it? Can you unsee it? It isn't difficult to scribe a scheme if you manage to master the subtleties of doublespeak. But I can't keep up, no, the stories creep up.

I wasn't exactly expecting the rest of the songs to relate to the podcast, but I was definitely keeping a closer eye (ear?) on the lyrics. About halfway through the EP's second track, I started to realize it's a pretty solid retelling of Lucretia's decision to rewrite the canon at the end of The Stolen Century.

It begins with Lucretia's plan to beat the Hunger being rejected by her friends with "So I beg for rationale in the midst of all the rage, but I'm met with reduction. Again, I offend before I've opened my mouth." The chorus carries her through the alteration of the world's memories: "The truth's no longer deified. Instead, we wade the wreckage of this false information that you can't deny. Tell me this isn't real life." The rest references her friends slowly start to find the cracks in their memories and "the stories creep up."

Once again, the most important decision of a character's arc is summed up in a song on this album.

3. Beyond The Pale - The Peacemaker

Have we inherited the flaws of fumbling gods too small to stumble on their own who never grow? If you demand we fall, how will we evolve beyond the pale of your holy sprawl?

At this point, I'm basically building a tinfoil hat right there on the train. "Beyond The Pale" is literally about a man's struggle with faith considering how often his god allows him to fail, AKA the basis of Merle's relationship with Pan.

As Merle's powers fade and he begins to believe Pan has abandoned him toward the end of the Balance Arc, the questions asked throughout this song are the core of his character.

What's really interesting, though, is the way this song begins: "Reanimated, I awake awaiting mistakes I shouldn't make born of bonds." This is the first of several references to reawakening or moving throw cycles in this album, and one particularly interesting reference to bonds.


4. Shake Me (Awake) - The Wordless One

If day becomes dusk, don't let that stop us on our way to something more uncertain, 'cause when we arrive, oh, honey, honey, wherever we're going, we may never want to leave.

I'll admit, I was sort of dreading finding a song for Davenport. Of all of the seven, he receives the least characterization, so if I didn't find a song about travel or a smaller aspect of his character, like his tendency to find simple things to do in his free time, I was going to be at a loss.

"Shake Me (Awake)," conveniently, sings of constant travel and the need to abandon normal life to fit as much into every day as possible, including the smaller things, because you don't know when your life is going to end. It's a song that embodies the IPRE's entire mission, but especially their captain's.

He's the one who relies so heavily on the mission that Lucretia had to erase nearly all of his memories, the one who spends the time he gets to himself each cycle relaxing in trees, drinking wine by himself, or playing cards, the one convicted of rage by the four judges at the "the endless circles [he's] been running in."

It's fitting that a song that so perfectly captures the mission be given to the man whose life was the mission.

5. Witness Me - The Lover

My spirit has been drifting for years in secret as a narrative appeared in plain sight. The fiction forced the truth to imitate.

Barry has always been one of the most intriguing characters in The Adventure Zone to me, and "Witness Me" echoes one of the most intriguing periods of his life almost impossibly well: the years between The Stolen Century and the end of The Suffering Game.

Barry's time spent between life and death, watching a new story take the place of history, trying to get his friends to notice and trust him, and unable to join them without losing himself and his memories, is completely laid out in this song. It's hard for me to even pick a lyric to prove it with because literally, every lyric fits.

It even comes with a call-and-response section where separate voices, easily interpretable as his lost friends, sing, "Join us and watch all the world from afar. We're all just the same, we lost who we are."

You kind of just have to listen to it.

6. The Twins - All Is As All Should Be

Copycat, you can't look back. Your eyes, they haven't seen nothin'. But, at the end, when you're looking out through my eyes, you'll see that all is as all should be.

With only one song left and the Twins the only ones left on the list, if "All Is As All Should Be" didn't fit I was going to have to either find a way to reassign already perfectly assigned songs or give up on this venture entirely.

Luckily, this song is, remarkably, perfect for Lup and Taako. It's the only song sung by one person entirely about their relationship with another, centered around someone who is watching the other move through life without them, slowly closing in on the truth, the moment when all is as all should be.

So, basically, it retells Lup's perspective on Taako moving on without her.

What's weird about this one is how specific the lyrics are, though. Not only does the song bring back that idea of reawakening at the beginning of a new cycle of life with lines like, "Is all that remains the will to start again or is there more retained when another life begins?" It applies that idea to the concept of fading from a person's life: "As I fade away, you come to be and when the cycle ends, it begins with an unfamiliar me."

When combined with the fact that the person forgetting (in this case, an identical twin) is called "copycat" and the song's assurance that "all is as all should be" despite the music underscoring it being markedly heavy leading to a joyous ending as all is proved to be right, it really feels like an impossible coincidence.

Somehow, every single song on this short EP matches up with the IPRE. Not just in small ways, but in loud, easily interpretable ways that reflect the main portions of each of these characters stories. At the very least, this is a very strange coincidence.

At most, this album is secretly Casey getting his feelings out about the TAZ: Balance finale. Until he denies it all, I'm gonna start banking on that latter.

Cover Image Credit: Cave & Canary

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A Tale of Two Corey's Part 3

Just when you thought it was over...Again

Here we are once again on the same topic. As I have previously said, this story will always remain unfinished no matter how much information gets out, the "Truth" or how things will be finished.

If you are unfamiliar with this whole thing, I would suggest reading part one and two but I will do a little quick refresher. Corey Haim and Corey Feldman were two of the biggest teen idols of the 80's. Their stardom was short lived due to them both being sexually abused at a young age as well as heavy drug use.

In my previous articles, I have clearly shown what side I am on and that is Haim's. Feldman has given me enough reason dislike everything he stands for and the way he treats his best friend. Like every good story, the plot keeps getting thicker and worse with every word that falls from his mouth.

If you were lucky enough to catch the movie, you saw the things it showed. On the Lifetime Channel, they aired a movie appropriately titled "A Tale of Two Corey's" (Maybe he read my articles) and was based on the 2013 book that Corey F. has written about his life. It was about play by play of course minus many little things here and there. It, of course, did Feldman justice but did it do Haim's? Of course not.

Everything that he says is becoming a big huge problem not only with fans or "haters" as he calls them but from Corey H.'s friends and family as well. He claims he is doing it for his former friend but I've never watched someone throw them under the bus as much as he has.

At one point in the movie, it had depicted a scene that he claims happened when they were teenagers that I cannot wrap my head around. I've spoken about it once but I NEED to bring it back up. When they were fifteen, Corey F. thought it was best to get Corey H. off his back by calling a guy who is twice his age to deal with the issue.

Now no one seems to see that it is a major problem considering that Haim had been raped by an older man a little while before. What "Best Friend" calls a man who can easily take advantage...No one including Corey F. himself sees that it is an issue. I can't be the only one, right?

The Lifetime movie had proved something I have been saying since I started this entire thing. Corey Feldman does not take responsibility for his actions in his friends demise and does not show any remorse or regret. Unfortunately we only get his side of the story since Corey H. has passed away back in 2013 due to pneumonia.

Even in the movie they had justified what I said which would backfire on Feldman. They had him as a teen yelling at Haim for taking movie roles and being the better Corey. I have been saying that he was jealous and many others can completely agree with it. He see's no wrong doing in his actions of his best friend being raped and he seems to turn the story around on everyone else.

Watching closely to the movie, they show Corey F. in more of a sympathy sort of way making him look like the innocent one of the two. Most of the drug use portrayed was done by Corey H. I know that he had struggled his entire life with addiction but I couldn't help but notice that difference. The picture depicted him as more of a saint who got sober while the other was portrayed as a problem to everyone.

After my first two articles, I had received two messages from two different women thanking me fro writing them. They are both friends with Corey H's. friends and personally know his Mother Judy who is also grateful me for these.I wanted people to read these and understand why this truth needs to be spoken.

If you are wondering why I back Corey Haim so much is due to various reasons. He is not here to defend himself on any allegation that is out there. He is not able to speak up against Corey Feldman and the things that he puts on him. Corey is not just a best friend or son or brother. Corey Haim is a man who had gotten unfairly treated in life and in death.

You've probably seen all of the interviews that Corey F. has been giving lately and boy, you were in for a treat after the movie if you caught it. Once again, the things he speaks of makes not any sense and I want to bring up one thing he said.

Weeks before Haim's passing, they had gotten a chance to hang out but not in the way I thought. Feldman had stated that Corey H. told him, "'If something happens to me or should I die before you, promise me that my story will be told.'" Now let me explain why I am confused on this.

These two had not spoken to each other in three years and out of the blue he is going to tell him that? Another thing is that Corey H. was not ready to face his demons himself so why would he want someone else to? I get that he would no longer be with us at that point but I'm not understanding the logic. Besides that, he was very, very close to his his Mother so why not have her instead of the guy you have had a rocky relationship with for the last ten years?

Where is this story going now? Well here is yet again another issue I have. Corey Feldman wants to make a movie about his book...Sound familiar? Yeah, I just watched it on Lifetime. Problem is, he wants it to be detailed and graphic. I'm sorry but I wouldn't want to watch a movie depicting sexual assault on a child like the way he wants to show it.

But before he makes it though he needs money, lots of it. He already had two donation pages raising at least $300,000 and guess what he's doing now? Yep, you guessed it, donation page 3 and wanting to raise a million dollars.

Every interview he does he brings it up and asks or shall I says begs for a donation. I'm not kidding, check out his Facebook or Twitter, he is constantly asking. I'm sorry but you just had a movie made (In which he got money for) which is going to be the same exact thing but graphic.

He had also Tweeted that if he doesn't see a rise in numbers on the donation page, he is going to shut it down because he's not getting any money. *Shakes head*, if that doesn't sound like a cash grab, I don't know what does.

Moving forward, will there be a part 4? I'm sure in time there will be one but for now I will still be following this story closely and the next nonsense that happens.

But just remember Corey, jealousy is an ugly thing and will backfire on you in no time.

Cover Image Credit:

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