5 Horror Movie Double-Feature Pairings To Watch This Halloween That Will Definitely Get Your Heart Racing
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5 Horror Movie Double-Feature Pairings To Watch This Halloween That Will Definitely Get Your Heart Racing

Nothing says spooky season like a good horror movie night.

5 Horror Movie Double-Feature Pairings To Watch This Halloween That Will Definitely Get Your Heart Racing
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There are so many amazing scary movies out there, and sometimes, watching just one doesn't quite do the trick for all of us horror junkies. Here are five ideas for horror movie double-features to enjoy this Halloween and why I think they make the perfect combination.

1. "Sinister" & "Sinister 2"

This double-feature is for fans of mythological horror and is my favorite set of horror movies. The sequel enhances the original movie so perfectly, making me enjoy the sequel more than the first movie, which is rare. Following "Sinister" with "Sinister 2" provides a satisfactory conclusion to the plot while also giving you the creeps.

2. "The Conjuring" & "Annabelle: Creation"

Both "The Conjuring" and "Annabelle: Creation" are part of The Conjuring Universe, so both are connected by shared characters and hauntings. These are my personal favorite movies from the franchise and the ones I find the scariest. This double-feature will give you jump scares and fill you with that perfect horror movie dread.

3. "Scream" & "Friday the 13th"

"Scream" plays with so many classic horror movie tropes, and one of the movies it references is the classic "Friday the 13th," making this a perfect double-feature. Really, you can pair "Scream" with any of the classic horror movies and see what makes it such a genius film.

4. "The Visit" & "Get Out"

This is a double-feature for the plot twist lovers out there. Both of these films had moments that made me gasp in the theaters because I didn't see them coming. The connection between the movies is simple: nothing is as it seems.

5. "Us" & "Hereditary"

This double-feature is for those of us who like to pick up on small references and clues to get the full effect of the movie, so these are not the films for anyone who doesn't want a brain exercise. "Us" and "Hereditary" both have so many tiny details that lead up to the grand reveal at the conclusion, leaving viewers wanting to do a full analysis and go back and rewatch to pick up on everything we missed the first time.

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