Horrific Movies and TV Shows to Spook You Into Halloween3

13 Horrific Movies and TV Shows to Spook You Right Into Halloween Season

It's October, baby!


Are you in desperate need of TV shows that will send chills straight up your spine and movies that will make your spine tingle? Fear not, for I have your Halloween fix! These shows and movies are sure to scare you right out of your seats!

1. Stranger Things

"Stranger Things" is a supernatural TV show that takes place in the town of Hawkins, Indiana during the 1980s. It definitely is more on the horror side of science fiction but nonetheless a riveting show that stars Winona Ryder and David Harbour as well as extremely talented child actors like Millie Bobby Brown. I'd rate this show an 11 out of 10!

2. Salem

"Salem" is another supernatural horror TV show that is inspired by the Salem witch trials during the 17th century. The main character, Mary Sibley, controls the witch trials by creating hysteria amongst the Puritans in Massachussetts. The plot also showcases many elements of Gothic romance! A must watch if you have read "The Crucible" or have read about the Salem Witch Trials.

3. American Horror Story

"American Horror Story" is one of those TV shows that is so horrifying you can't peel your eyes from the screen! An anthology of frightening episodes, each season of the show revolves around a certain theme, like a hotel or circus, and it builds its knee-knobbling plot around it. This series is for all of those who don't plan to sleep at night anytime soon...

4. Hotel Transylvania

"Hotel Transylvania" is definitely one of the more family-friendly choices on this list. However, that does not mean it is any less fun! The movie tells a sweet tale of a young vampire that finds love in the form of a human, the only creature her father disapproves of. A classic tale of monster romance, this animated movie is perfect for movie night with your younger siblings!

5. Ghostbusters (1984 version)

The 1984 "Ghostbusters" movie is a classic that I just couldn't leave off the list. A hilarious tale of three parapsychologists that seek to open up a business hunting ghosts, this is a movie that is still a blast every year you watch it.

6. The Walking Dead

"The Walking Dead" is a show that is set post-apocalypse and deals with the spookiest creatures of all: ZOMBIES! In this world, they are referred to as "walkers" and are receptive to many noises and scents. Deputy Rick Grimes, the protagonist, must form a group of the lone surviving people and stay alive in the wake of the apocalypse. I am very drawn to the show simply because it takes place in capital city of my state, Atlanta!

7. Hocus Pocus

This movie was made to be watched for Halloween! One of my favorite movies to cuddle up and watch at this time of the year, "Hocus Pocus" is a present day story of three awakened witches and their desire to restore themselves to their former glory by performing a set of spells on Halloween night.

8. Black Mirror

Although this may not be the first series that comes to mind when you think of Halloween, the horrors of the situations in the futuristic worlds of "Black Mirror" are very much possible, and very much near. This anthology of episodes shows the unseen disadvantages to utopian technology and the dark side of human nature.

9. A Quiet Place

"A Quiet Place" is a movie that is sure to leave you silent. Set in 2020, it revolves around sightless creatures that attack anything that makes a sound, their target now the Abbott Family, a family of five who are desperately trying to survive in a deserted world.

10. The Addams Family

Another classic Halloween flick, "The Addams Family" is a black comedy that revolves around the macabre Addams Family and the various adventures that occur in their household.

11. Charmed

"Charmed" was first recommended to me by a Target employee, which was when I already knew it was going to be great. A fantasy drama, Charmed revolves around the lives of three sisters, termed the Charmed Ones, who are the most powerful good witches of all time. They use their powers to protect the world from evil forces such as demons, while still attempting to keep their lives together in San Francisco.

12. Casper

If you haven't seen "Casper" it has to be the number one on your watching list this Halloween season! And if you have, well, there's never a good reason to not watch it again! Another family friendly movie, "Casper" revolves around the adventures of a friendly ghost and his friendship with Kat, a teenage girl.

13. Supernatural

"Supernatural" is a dark fantasy TV show that was first aired in 2005. Similar to Ghostbusters, it revolves around two brothers who hunt down demons, monsters, ghosts and other supernatural beings. The show has 13 completed seasons and is currently running its 14th, making it an ideal Halloween binge!

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Thank you for teaching me so many lessons over the past 17 years. Thank you for making me realize that we don't always get what we want, that we have to choose our battles wisely, that we should always do the right thing even when we think no one is watching us and that life isn't always about me. I've watched you grow up so much over the years, learning from some of your mistakes, but also learning from your successes.

It seems like just yesterday we were playing with our toy dogs walking around the apartment. When we used to go out in public and you would hold my hand telling me to be careful and to not talk with anyone else and just keep walking. It seems like just yesterday we were both fighting because you said you would rather go hang out with your friends than with me and everyone else. It seems like just yesterday that it was hard to believe we would be adults someday, but now "someday" is just around the corner.

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With Love,


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