Raise your hand if you or someone you know has gotten scammed on the internet!

It happens. We live in a technological world full of a ton of B.S. We've become pretty good at navigating around fake ads and dodging click-bait that will give our computer viruses. Because of this, though, we can sometimes be a little too cautious. Some incredible companies out on the internet sometimes seem too good to be true, and we aren't buying, installing, etc. because we think they're scammers.

I'm here to tell you about a site that is not a scam (but most friends I've mentioned it to always thought it was!)

Honey is a program you install into your computer to help you save money when buying products and services on different websites. When you're about to check out, Honey will automatically try different discount codes to see if it's possible to save money. Most times, it's worked for me - even with something as simple as cutting off the price of shipping! (Let me tell you, shipping cost can add up...)

You're also able to search for stores to see their different promotions, along with being able to look at different money-saving codes that worked for other users within the past week. It will also show you rates of money you can get back into your account when you buy that day! Your savings transfer to "Honey Gold" and you can redeem it in the form of gift cards to use at some of your favorite stores.

Honey works for all different types of companies from Microsoft to Amazon to USA Today to New Balance to Airbnb; the list goes on and on!

I'm a college student, so of course, I try to save money anytime I can, but no matter where your finances stand, Honey will benefit you! And the best part? You have to give zero effort. Honey does it all for you! Sounds pretty sweet, huh?