Honest Work
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Honest Work

A poem about fatherhood

Honest Work

He was obsessed with honest work

It was his way of life

That's why he got mad when the man came by

With his ripped jeans and his strife

He had a truck of stolen tools

Selling them for cheap

He went up to the business

Hoping for a sweep

He'd make himself miserable

And run himself dry

Before he bought those tools

From the man who passed by

Honest work was his motto

He wouldn't play games

This world is for the working man

That's how they know your name

He always had his seat belt fastened

And he drove in the right lane

He only drank water

And he never put his friends to shame

But every now and then

He'd linger toward the woman on the street

He'd stuff some cash in his pocket

Before closing his eyes and falling asleep

He snuck away in the summer

Entangled in the sheets

His wife at home, alone

Her love story complete

I'm an honest man, he told himself

I'm not running away

I'll tell my wife I love her

But with her heart I'll play

I need this for my soul

And the kids will never know

They will not lose their father

I'll stay and watch them grow

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