Home Sweet Home...Oh How I Missed You

Home Sweet Home...Oh How I Missed You

Coming home for the first time since August has made me realize how much I miss home.


Home cooked meals


Never underestimate the power of a home cooked meal, especially when your mama comes from the south. The freshman fifteen hasn't hit me quite yet, but I'm sure I gained it all while I was home this week for Thanksgiving.

Being teased by my brothers


Being the youngest sibling with two older brothers can be pretty hard sometimes. I never thought I'd say this, but I miss the constant teasing and goofing around I experience with them. I missed sitting on the couch together watching a good animated movie, and teasing my parents together.

Watching Gossip Girl with my mom


Last summer I introduced my mom to Gossip Girl, but we didn't have the chance to finish before I left for college. This week when I came back, my mom and I watched two or three episodes a night to catch up on all the time we missed out on. I never realized how much I loved our binge-watching nights together.

Late night ice cream runs


Here in Louisville we have Graeters ice cream, and it is by far the best ice cream I've ever had in my whole life. I missed going on late night ice cream runs with my friends to catch up or just binge-eat.



My go-to thing to do with my friends when we have no idea what to do is go on a drive. We pick a great playlist and drive for hours down River Road, into Prospect and past Goshen. We conquer the world with our talks, sip on some slushies and have multiple sing-alongs before we come back to society.

Showering without shoes


There's honestly no better feeling in the world than this.

Revisiting my high school


Walking through the halls, acting like you own the building, saying hi to the underclassman is a great feeling. I love seeing my old teachers, visiting with friends, and seeing all the changes that have happened in the three months I've been gone.

Air conditioning


Because winter has begun UMD has turned off our air conditioning, so coming home to a place where I can control what temperature I like my room has been very nice. I can turn my fan on and off whenever I want to and that's an amazing feeling.

Reuniting with friends


Every time I saw one of my high school friends I'd run to them, screaming like an eight year old, and koala them until they stopped screaming too. I love my college friends, but it's so hard to replace the friendship you've had for twelve years.

Turkey Trots 

Yes, I'm apart of that family who runs a 5k, sometimes 10k, on Thanksgiving morning. Don't hate us because ya ain't us.

Happy late Thanksgiving everyone!

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10 Ways Embrace And Appreciate Our Home Planet Before It's Too Late

Mother Earth is beautiful, and we only get one of her, so why not show her the love she deserves.


For years now, we have slowly been ruining planet Earth. It is officially to the point where climate change, reducing waste, and pollution are everyday topics of discussion, and honestly, it's kind of scary. We only have one Earth and WE ARE SLOWLY KILLING IT. Therefore, it's time we show Earth some love and kindness because she deserves it.

1. Recycle, recycle, recycle

One of the easiest ways to show some love to our Earth is to start recycling! So much of the daily waste that we unconsciously throw into the trash bin can be thrown into a recycling bin. Yes, it may take a few minutes to rinse off any waste from recycled goods, but those few minutes will pay off in the end.

2. Use reusable water bottles and cups

Plastic bottles can be recycled. However, not all bottles are recycled and still end up in landfills, oceans, lakes, etc. But, it is extremely easy nowadays to cut down on your plastic bottle or cup use with using reusable ones instead. Plus, there are some super cute options out there! Some places will even give you discounts on drinks for bringing your own reusable cup. Saving money and the Earth? Score!

3. Go "zero waste"

Zero waste is exactly how it sounds — you produce little to zero waste with food, packaging, etc. Zero waste is a lifestyle to adapt. It can be difficult at first, so start with small changes! For example, taking your own plates and silverware to work instead of using the paper and plastic ones available in the break room and composting any leftover food.

4. Please, please, please QUIT USING PLASTIC STRAWS

NEWS FLASH: Most of the plastic straws in your McDonald's, Starbucks, and Dunkin' drinks end up in the ocean. Not only do these straws pollute the ocean, but they bring harm to wildlife. You can buy a pack of reusable straws almost anywhere. Pick some up the next time you're strolling through Target, Walmart, or even on Amazon. Also, kindly refuse a straw the next time you're out.

5. Start using reusable bags

Much like straws, reusable bags are sold almost anywhere — and they're cheap. You can get bags in a lot of different sizes and adorable prints. Plus, they usually run for around $2 or less!

6. Use a water-filter pitcher

Another way to cut down on plastic is to use a water filter pitcher, such as a Brita. These pitchers are pretty affordable, cut down on your plastic water bottle cost, and allow you to use that super cute new water bottle you just bought!

7. Turn off the tap

When you're brushing your teeth, washing your face, or shaving, you can easily help save water by shutting off the tap. Now I know that this "tip" has been around for years, but have you truly been following it for years? Also, cutting down your shower time and not taking baths will help save gallons of water.

8. Participate in "Meatless Mondays" 

Cutting down on your meat consumption at least once a week can truly help. No, I'm not preaching at you to "save the animals" — I enjoy a nice steak just as much as the next guy. BUT, having at least one meatless day a week helps cut down greenhouse gases emitted from livestock. Protect the ozone!

9. Start composting 

Most food waste that ends up in the landfill can be composted right in your back yard! Composting is a natural fertilizer for the soil and helps cut down on the use of chemicals. Food waste such as fruits and veggies, coffee grounds, tea bags, and even yard clippings can easily be composted!

10. Walk to work, school, the gym

Get out there a walk! Not only is it good for YOU and your health, but it's also good for our Earth! Walking helps cut down on pollution from the gas in cars allowing our air to be even more enjoyable to breathe, which is nice because we kind of need it.

Small changes in your everyday life can help cut down on waste and show some love to the Earth. IF change does not occur, the current battles that we are fighting such as climate change and pollution are only going to get worse. So, be the change you wish to see and show our one and only Earth some love.


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You Know You're From Trumbull, CT When...

The best memories are made in this boring, little, Connecticut town.


1. The majority of places you will consider to eat at are in Fairfield or Westport... Colony, Shake Shack, Country Cow, Playa Bowls, BarTaco

2. But if you find yourself too lazy to get on 95 for food, Panchero's is the go-to... never Chipotle. If it is past midnight, the choice always comes down to the McDonalds in Monroe, where you are almost guaranteed to see a group of people you know, or Merritt Canteen.

3. Once you got your license, your Friday night plans consisted of picking up friends, driving up and down Main Street, and, somehow, always finding yourself at the THS parking lot seeing who's car is there because there is nothing better to do.

4. In the Fall, you couldn't wait for Friday so that after school you and half of your grade could walk to Plasko's Farm for ice cream and apple cider donuts... and hope you could get them before the owners would yell at you to leave. (This one only applies to Hillcrest Middle School kids, AKA the inferior middle school in town).

5. You couldn't wait to be a senior so you could officially lead the BLACK HOLE at football games... if you were even willing to go in the cold.

6. You looked forward to the annual Senior Scav, the last week of summer before your senior year where a list of tasks is passed down by the recently graduated class... the official kickoff to senior year.

7. You pass by Country Club Rd. and get flashbacks from the worst Cross Country practices ever. Driving up Daniels Farm Rd. in the Fall and Spring, you are conditioned to yell "hi" out the window to your friends at practice.

8. You knew someone who worked at Gene's gas station... and found yourself spending more time there on the weekends than you would like to admit.

9. You are convinced Melon-heads are real after frequenting Velvet St. to see the abandoned insane asylum with your friends, IF you didn't want to drive all the way up to Fairfield Hills in Newtown.

10. You have had/have been to at least one middle school birthday party at the Trumbull Marriott.

11. You know that the 25mph speed limit on Whitney Ave. is way too slow... and can't help but hit a little air going down the huge hill at the top.

12. The guy at Towne likely knows your name.

13. You never find yourself turning right out of THS... that side of town is irrelevant for those who do not live there.

14. You know to avoid the Merrit Parkway from 4:00-7:00pm at all costs.

15. You know more than you would like to about people you aren't even friends with... in a town so small, things get around very quick.

16. Going shopping really means going to Target, or any store in the mall, for the millionth time that week.

17. The marching band was the best in the state and you would see them practicing, literally, every time you drove by THS.

19. Depending on the side of town you lived, you spent a lot of time at Five Pennies Park or Indian Ledge Park.

20. You would say you couldn't wait to leave, but when you got to college, you find yourself excited to come back to your hometown so you can reminisce on old traditions and make new memories.

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