22 Reasons The Holidays Are More Magical With That Special Someone

22 Reasons The Holidays Are More Magical With That Special Someone

It's the holiday season, and there is nothing better than sharing the magic of the season with someone special.


Whether you're in a new relationship or have been with someone for a long time, the holidays add a specialness to your relationship that you just don't feel any other time of the year.

1. It's cold out, what's more fun than wrapping your arms around each other to stay warm?

No need for jackets, just my man.

2. Sipping hot chocolate (with whipped cream, of course) together

It's cold! Pass the hot chocolate!

3. Singing Christmas classics together

Cue some "Frosty the Snowman" and "Rocking Around the Christmas Tree!"

4. Seeing a Christmas show or movie together

What is the holiday season without some Christmas movies?

5. Watching childhood holiday shows together and him wiping the tear from your face when Frosty melts

You know you don't wanna admit it, but you do shed a tear. We promise he won't let you bawl.

6. Driving around looking at holiday lights together

Who needs to go pay to see fancy light displays? Just go drive around the neighborhood to see the fancy lights.

7. Wearing matching ugly sweaters

They may be ugly, but you both can be ugly together!

8. Kissing under the mistletoe

This may or may not be an excuse to find mistletoe everywhere.

9. Christmas shopping in the huge crowds

Yes, the shopping may get tiring and exhausting, but he will push you around in a cart if necessary.

10. Going to visit Santa together just to get a candy cane

Although you aren't five, you can still go for the candy cane.

11. Spending a lot of time and money to find that perfect gift for him

Guys may be difficult to buy gifts for, but you know that you just will find that perfect gift to make him smile.

12. Wrapping presents together

Wrapping gifts is usually a long and dreadful process, but he will help you to make all the gifts look perfect.

13. Having a dinner beside the Christmas tree

Christmas music playing, some ham and some pumpkin pie. What could be better?

14. Snuggling up to watch a holiday movie on Netflix together under a soft blanket

It is freezing outside! What else is a better excuse to cuddle up with your man?

15. Looking at his perfect face in the glow of the holiday lights

You didn't realize the glisten of lights can make someone look even more perfect.

16. Dressing up for holiday parties

You both can look cutesy cute all dressed up together!

17. Baking together and feeding each other the yummy cookies you made

Sugar cookies, chocolate chip and more. They could be the worst tasting if you mess them up, but it just matters that you made them with him.

18. Attending midnight mass together

Yes, you both aren't the best at going to church, but mass before Christmas is a must.

19. Watching his face when he opens your gift

He loves it! Just as you expected!

20. Opening his gift — which is breathtaking — but secretly thinking that he is the best gift you could ever ask for

Very true. He is all you want!

21. Falling asleep in each others arms after being stuffed from eating Christmas dinner together

Naps, food and love is basically what your holiday break will consist of.

22. Ringing in the new year together with the best kiss as the clock strikes midnight and then promising to do it all over again for years to come

Ah, the midnight kiss! All couples wait so long for the kiss that rings in the New Year. No one knows what it is, but something just makes it perfect.

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I'm Still Friends With My High School Besties As A Senior In College, And I'm So Thankful For That

New friends are silver but the old ones are gold.


As you near the end of high school, it seems like everyone is telling you, "enjoy spending time with your friends now, because once you start college you'll drift apart." At the time, no one wants to believe it, but I will say there definitely is some truth in that. There were 800 people in my high school graduating class, but there's only a handful of those people who I've actually hung out with since our graduation parties. However, it's certainly not true about all friends. I'm now a senior in college, and I'm still friends with my high school best friends.

While things have definitely been different since we've been in college, our friendship hasn't changed. In high school we bonded over the French classes that we took together and our love for dance. Although we don't see each other every day in class anymore or after school at dance practice, that's only made me more appreciative of the time that we do get to spend all together. I always look forward to that time, whether it's spent going on adventures, laughing together at a coffee shop or even just sitting at home and watching a movie.

I've made a lot of amazing friends in college, but there's still something comforting about having friends who knew you as an awkward 14-year-old who you can turn to and reminisce about the past with. We may not talk to each other every day and we often go months without all three of us being together, but when we are together again we pick up right where we left off. No matter how far apart we are physically, I know they'll be there for me in an instant, whenever I need them (even if FaceTime is the best we can do).

I know I'm not the only person to stay friends with their high school best friends, but I also know that many people don't. So I'm so thankful that this friendship has continued on past our four years of high school. As we get ready to head into the next chapter of our lives in a few months, a lot is going to change all over again. I don't know if we'll ever live out our high school dream of living together in the city or even when the next time we'll all be living in the same state will be, but our friendship has made it this far and I know it won't end here.

Caitlin and Andrea, thanks for sticking by my side for the past four years. Here's to all the memories we have yet to make together.

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Holiday Block Leave For The Army Was Just Too Good To Be True

"When something looks too good to be true, it usually is." -Emmy Rossum


Everyone enjoys the times where their soldier gets to come home. The multitude of dates, romantic gestures, and the simple fact that you get to spend time with your soldier feels like a dream.

You get to finally have your best friend back, and for about two weeks, you don't get that feeling of loneliness. I remember feeling extremely happy seeing my soldier smile and laugh with me over the silliest of things and thinking to myself that I missed moments like this. I also loved getting dolled up and going out to eat at some of our favorite places. Yet again, my heart and stomach were more than satisfied, I caught myself swooning about how the entirety of these events was dreamlike.

The first week flew by so fast. I blinked, and next thing you know he is packing up some of his things. I realized within the two-week time period I had already grown accustomed to him again. I had gotten overly attached, and I honestly did not know how to feel about it. I clearly did not want him to leave, but he had to. I felt myself growing irritated near the end of holiday block leave because I guess I felt there was nothing I could do to keep these insanely wonderful moments going. I knew that once he left it would be back to the routine of never-ending work and stress.

I was not ready for college to start back at this point. He wasn't ready to be brain fried from butt loads of work either, but my soldier has more determination than I sometimes. I am working on my determination and motivation, but I still will forever cry when stressed, or when I feel I have no control over a situation. I tried so hard to hold back the tears this time around, but it just couldn't be done. I did not breakdown I just shed a tear or two, so I can say I have improved.

It's just so hard.

I loved seeing him for those two weeks, but at the same time, it sucks because it's like we're being teased. We get to spend time with our military loved ones, but it's for such a short amount of time. Of course, we lived it to the fullest, but that doesn't make his leaving any easier.

Now, I'm just counting down the days until he gets another leave and I get to spend that time with him again.

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