The 10 Stages Of Holiday Shopping, As Told By 'Grey's Anatomy'

The 10 Stages Of Holiday Shopping, As Told By 'Grey's Anatomy'

Meredith Grey knows the deal.

We've all been there...

1. When you first see the list of all the people you have to buy for.

Y'know when you really can't find anything you just want to hit your head off the shelf? Yeah exactly what I'm talking about.

2. When you show up to the store and what you wanted to buy your bestie is sold out.

And then you die a little bit on the inside because you have literally no idea what to get now.

3. When you find the perfect gift for someone.

And suddenly you don't want to hit your head off a shelf anymore!

4. When you see something you like for someone but you like it too much so you contemplate buying it for yourself.

Guilty as charged.

5. When you see a whole rack of things but nothing looks appealing.

Yeahhhhhh time to head home.

6. When you find a gift so perfect for someone you never wanna let it out of your sight.

7. When you've been at the store way too long you know the employees by their names.

Yeahhhh it's time to go.

8. When you see something perfect but it's way too expensive.

9. When you realize you've been at the store for well over four hours.

10. When you finally finish.

Best feeling ever.

Cover Image Credit: ABC

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Clear Backpacks Are The Solution To School Gun Violence

A change came and it was rejected. Why did you ask for the change in the first place?

So, here lately I've seen a lot of people whining about how clear backpacks infringe on their first amendment rights. They don't. Clear backpacks are a proactive solution in a reactive society. They have been implemented for SEVERAL years in schools all over the country.

My own school system allows them from kindergarten to sixth grade. After that, you get no backpack and your purse, if you choose to carry one, can be no bigger than a sheet of notebook paper.

There have been few if any, complaints about this at my school system, which has been given no reason for such strict rules, so why whine about it now? Everyone still has all of their rights. Everyone can still at least carry their backpack.

I will say what I have said before, we have to do better. Something needed to be done, so schools started implementing clear or no backpacks. Everyone got mad. Don't ask for change and then get mad when a change for the better is brought.

It is better to be proactive than to be reactive. What is proactive? Yes, it is face wash but Webster defines proactive as creating or controlling a situation by causing something to happen rather than responding to it after it has happened.

So, the opposite of reacting. Would we rather be able to see the gun in the backpack? Or wait to create new policies? What about knives in those clear backpacks? Proactivity is the answer to "How do we keep the children safe?"

Children are our future so why do we argue on something that could save their lives? Outlaw guns? Okay. What about the knives that they can sneak in? You can be cut in a lethal place and never know it. Outlaw knives? Poison. Acid. Whatever you decide to outlaw as a reaction, there will always be an answer for it. Look at England. Violent crime is on the rise and they outlawed guns as a reaction.

Stop being reactive. Stop whining about proactivity. When a solution is offered that the majority are okay with, don't be the minority that causes the problem.

Cover Image Credit: Instagram

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Now's The Time To Clean Your Greasy Range Hood Filter

If the hood is blocked by the grease and dirt, it may lose its effectiveness.

Do you remember the last time you cleaned that greasy range hood filter? If it's been a while since you've done it, this is the time. Get up and do it. Otherwise, it would not be good for the appliance. The main task of a range hood is to collect all the grease and if it is done properly, you should also maintain it in the same manner.

If you need some tips before buying the best range hood in the market, you can check out kitchenguyd's review on this. If the hood is blocked by the grease and dirt, it may lose its effectiveness and that is the reason you should clean it timely. If you are aware of how to clean and maintain the range hood, go ahead, if not, you can follow the method explained below.

The following method requires some of these household ingredients.

  • Baking Soda
  • Degreasing Dish Soap
  • Boiling or Extremely hot water
  • Heat Proof Container
  • Non-Abrasive Scrub Brush

Follow the given instructions step-by-step and it will take just a few minutes of your day.

1. Remove the filter

Most of the filters are easy to remove from the underside of their range hood. Maybe you need to push it little upward to take it out. Check for the loop or latch that can help you to remove it. Remember how it will go in so that replacing it becomes easy when you complete the cleaning process.

2. Prepare a place to clean it

For this, you need to get a heatproof container to clean the range hood filter. This can be a pot, casserole dish or sink. No matter how long it can resist boiling water and will fit your filter. If you don't have a large enough space, use a medium-sized saucepan and clean one end at a time. Remember not to use a non-stick pan otherwise it will get easily scratched by the metal filter.

Fill the container with hot boiling water. The hotter the water is the better to break down the grease.

3. Add soap and baking soda

Add a tablespoon or two of dish soap in the container. If you are using a pot, make sure that the water is no longer boiling otherwise it could bubble over. Now sprinkle ¼ to ½ cup of baking soda over the top of the water, which will fizz and bubble as well. Mix the solution well so that it is evenly distributed.

4. Soak the range hood filter

Immerse the filter or only one end if it doesn't fit, let it soak and let the cleaning solution do most of the part. It will take at least five minutes but be keeping it for ten minutes would be better. Soaking in the solution will break down the grease and you can perform the next step easier.

5. Scrub

After soaking, remove the remaining grease with the help of a non-abrasive scrub brush. Make sure that you clean it properly.

6. Rinse and dry

Take the filter out from the hot water solution and clean to remove the soap and leftover grease if any. Dry it off properly by using a clean rag or paper towel.

7. Replace the filter

Now your range hood is all clean and ready for use. Put it back and enjoy the benefits of a clean range hood filter.

Clean your filter regularly by using these simple steps and enjoy the effectiveness of your range hood filter.

Cover Image Credit: Paintzen / Flickr

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