10 Date Ideas For The Holiday Season

10 Date Ideas For The Holiday Season

For those weekends with your significant other where you want to do a little something extra rather than just watch Netflix at home.


Basic or extravagant, make these dates count this holiday season.

1. Go to Disney!

Whether you go for Halloween Horror Nights or during the Christmas time, Disney is a great weekend getaway for you and your significant other. Halloween Horror Nights gives you an excuse to cuddle up to your boy/girl, and Christmas time sets the scene for some amazing pictures with all the seasonal lights and decorations around the park.

2. Go to a pumpkin patch.

This is such a traditional fall date for couples. You go dressed all cute, take some cute pumpkin pictures, you each pick out your own pumpkin, and then you go home and carve them together! Messy, but fun.

3. Try a seasonal coffee/tea/drink from a local coffee shop.

For my fellow coffee lovers out there, this is an exciting date. It isn't super fancy, but it would be fun for you both, and you'd get to try a new drink and feel festive at the same time! It's a win win. Oh yea, and it's cheap, which is always welcome.

4. Go to the movies.

This date is really year-round, but hey, you have to include movie night in a listicle of date ideas, no matter what. The traditional date amongst young couples, where most teenage love stories begin, embrace your inner teenager and go to the movies with your boo this holiday season.

5. Have a movie night in. 

Picture this: you and your man/woman, all cuddled up on the couch, your favorite snacks, your dog, fuzzy blankets, warm drinks, and an amazing movie. What sounds better than that?

6. Bake together.

If there is any time of the year to indulge in your sweet tooth, it's the holiday season. That being said, take advantage of this gluttonous, guilt-free season and plan a night to bake all your favorite sweet treats with your significant other!

7. Go ice-skating.

A classic winter activity that promotes hand holding and mild embarrassment? Count me in. Nothing sounds better than having my boyfriend watch me bust my butt hundreds of times because then he'll feel bad for me and buy me a nice, hot latte. :) Scheme where you can ladies.

8. Take a trip. 

Of course, this applies to those who have the funds to do so, but holiday trips are always super romantic and fun. Some of the best trips to take during this time are either skiing in Colorado/The Swiss Alps/Utah/etc or going to New York for the lights and Christmas festivities.

9. Decorate your home.

If you're like me, decorating during the holidays is your favorite part about the season. Whether it's Halloween, Thanksgiving, or Christmas, plan a day and/or night to spend decorating your home with your partner. It'll be fun for the both of you, and then you get to enjoy the decorations for the entire season!

10. Have a picnic in a nearby park. 

Now that summer is over and the blazing, unbearable heat is starting to calm down a little, take advantage of the cooler weather and have a picnic date! Whether it is lunch, dinner, or just a snack, this date gets you both outside enjoying the beautiful weather that comes with the season.

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