As Christmas approaches, it seems like a never ending circle of having to buy friends and family gifts. The hardest thing to always think of it what to actually get them. Don't worry, I did all the hard work and asked ten of my closest friends what they would want for Christmas this year (and its all under $25). I present to you, my holiday gift guide.

Water Bottle

Because saving the planet is important, especially if you look cute doing it.

Check these out:


Makeup can be expensive, but don't let your beauty guru go without this year.

Check these out so she can #slay :


Maybe she's going to the gym, maybe she's not. Either way, it doesn't matter- you can't go wrong gifting these headbands.

Check these out:


Scrunchies are all the rage right now, and almost every girl obsesses over them. Therefore, you can't go wrong.

Check these out so she can take her party pony to the next level:

Face Mask

Life gets stressful, but somehow the moment you put a face mask on you forget about all your problems.

Check these out to help her de-stress: