Give Hobo Johnson And His Music A Chance

Frank Lopes, or professionally known as Hobo Johnson, is a rapper/musician/producer, most known for his song "Peach Scone" that I found on Facebook. He is a small artist with a strong voice and passion. He mixes, writes, and makes his own music, the passion is obvious. Take a listen to his album that was released in 2017 called "The Rise of Hobo Johnson." Not only does the lyrical creativity create an effect, but his tone and raw voice shows you the realness of his songs and shows you parts of his life.

"Peach Scone" is a song about a boy who loves a girl who has a boyfriend, the song enunciates his feelings toward her and the situation overall. It is a funky song that could be seen as a joke, but I consider it an introduction to Hobo Johnson as a person. He has a funny personality and this song shows this side of him. The chorus contains some light screaming, which I enjoy because it reminds me of a concert or a house party when everyone screams the lyrics. That also allows you to get hyped with the song.

Another song I like is called "Sex in the City," which starts off with a conversation about a payment plan. He continues to discuss norms in our society and how beauty grants you special privileges.

This song not only talks about relevant events such as social constructions and how it should be, as in the bridge it talks about their souls together just talking without any judgments.

It takes the present day and what Johnson believes would be the right way to get to know one another. The song has a great beat and lyrics, the chorus is one you can sing along to but also connect with. It's rare to find a rap song that you can sing along with but also have real meaning rather than other songs that just talk about sex, drugs, and money.

The last song I want to talk about is called "3%," which is about following your dreams and not selling yourself short just because that's what you're supposed to do or because you need money. He was told that he had a three percent chance that he'd make it, but he took the chance because he didn't want to have a job he hated making money just to uphold rent and other bills.

He believes that making smaller amounts of money and being happy is an acceptable amount compared to making average amounts of money and waking up and being really sad. This song not only inspires me to take the chance if it makes me happy.

You shouldn't sit at a job you're not happy with if you could be happy doing other things.

Overall, Hobo Johnson is a great artist with a great sense of himself, he is someone who will not give in to the music industry and write what he wants and take the time and money to produce something he loves. He also has a past that several people can relate to, which is important for an artist. I believe Hobo Johnson is a very unique artist, you can not compare him to other ones.

Make the time to listen to his new album, if you don't like it, then that's OK. But give him a chance, I'm happy to have discovered him and hope to hear new music soon.

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