Benefits of hiring a digital marketing agency

Benefits of hiring a digital marketing agency

Digital marketing is a permanent effort that you must do if you want your business to be very successful in the digital world. Here I present you the 7 main benefits of hiring a digital marketing agency.


Digital marketing can no longer be examined by passing trend but a proved marketing technique that infinite companies are approved, and with tremendous results along the way. But companies already have the daily load of operational administrations of their business, which means that it makes more sense to hire a marketing agency!

1. Marketing experience of an entire team.

One of the biggest benefits of hiring a digital marketing agency is that you get the benefit of a whole team of strategists, designers, writers and SEO experts who possess a wide range of skills, knowledge and experience. This makes much more sense than trying it yourself or hiring a "unique marketing specialist".

2. It is profitable.

Research has found that companies that rely on marketing agencies to develop their strategies have a lower cost of sales than those that do their own marketing or choose to focus on alternative marketing strategies, such as traditional marketing.

3. Take advantage of the most qualified leads.

A creative marketing agency does not make your sales team make cold calls; instead, they focus on falling in love and providing valuable information to their target audience to develop high quality solutions that are interesting and relevant.

4. Focus on your business priorities

Hiring a web design agency to work for you removes the marketing burden on you and your team, giving you more time to focus on your main areas of importance.

5. Get an unbiased perspective on things.

A leading agency will provide valuable, useful and genuine advice on how to improve your marketing and ensure your business stands out. But when you get your internal team to do this for you, it can be harder for them to communicate, which generates conflicts of interest and disagreements. Hiring an agency is the best way to get impartial and convenient advice.

6. Access the latest technology

A trusted agency will have access to tools, software and superior analytical data that will help your company increase productivity, efficiency and performance. In addition, you will not have to crawl through the Internet in search of your own software.

7. Analytical reports

Finally, one of the main advantages of hiring a web agency is its access to state-of-the-art software. Thanks to this software, you will receive periodic reports that will show you where you are excelling in your marketing efforts and which can improve your entire strategy to attract more qualified leads.

Hiring a digital marketing agency provides multiple benefits, including the opportunity to invest the time and effort that would require forming a team of its own in those goals and / or main goals of the company that allow the proper development of internal functions, while the team of experts of the agency is responsible for creating marketing strategies that help achieve these objectives..

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An Open Letter To My Studio Apartment

My oh my, you sure are a bittersweet goodbye.


Dear Apartment #505,

I want to thank you for giving me a space to live while I've gone through probably the biggest transitional period of my life.

I moved in when I was twenty — a depressing age where you're not a teenager anymore, but still not old enough to buy your own booze, and will be moving out at twenty-two — an age where you should maybe consider getting your shit together, but the situation is not totally dire yet.

I'm going to miss the ugly floral carpeting, the dark lighting that makes you feel like you're in a black hole the second you enter the building, the tiny little doors in every hallway that lead to nowhere, and that weird musty smell. I'll miss the million dollar view, the scary old elevator with the gate, and having the freedom to walk around in my underwear at all times. I'll miss the feeling of being tucked inside a cozy nest inside a mansion. However, I think our journey together is meant to come to a close; you served your purpose, and I'm ready for something new.

With that said, please enjoy a recap of my fondest memories of living here:

I tried owning a cat named Frank who only had three legs. Both he and the situation itself were pretty miserable — everyday I'd come home to piles of either his puke, poop or piss. I really couldn't blame him; I'd probably do the same thing if I had abandonment issues (he was a Humane Society kitty) and was trapped in 400 ft closet for ten hours by myself. The litter box wasn't really my favorite, and neither was Frank waking me up in the middle of the night by meowing loudly in my face. I quickly learned that studio apartments are not meant for animals other than fish, or that maybe I'm just not a good pet owner.

I got my first stick-and-poke tattoo. My old co-worker/friend came over, and we sat on the floor and I drank a whole bottle of rose while we talked about life stuff — secrets, heartbreaks, boys and stories from our childhood — as she stuck a needle in my arm for three hours. I love this particular tattoo of mine, because I'll have this sweet little memory on my body forever.

I had my first handful of awkward one-night-stands. (Scandalous, I know.)

I had many drunk dance parties, alone, at eleven o'clock at night. I'm sure my neighbors loved tuning in.

I dyed my hair all by myself for the first time. I don't think it turned out good that time or any of the other times that I did it, but that honestly didn't matter to me.

I made a lot of shitty mac-and-cheese.

I spent a lot of evenings sobbing on the floor.

I was exposed to what unnecessarily loud and gross Furry sex sounds like, thanks to my downstairs neighbors, whom I still have yet to meet but feel like I already know.

I woke up to some of the most beautiful sunrises I've ever seen.

I fell asleep to some of the most beautiful sunsets I've ever seen.

I felt some of the deepest depression of my life.

I survived Snowmageddon 2019.

I watched a lot of stand-up comedy specials and South Park reruns.

A wish of mine came true one night (Think Sixteen Candles, minus a nerd stealing my underwear, questionable rape, or Jake Ryan himself.)

If I were to sign your yearbook Apartment #505, I would say:

#505 rulez!!!

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