Hillary Or Trump?
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Hillary Or Trump?

Let's avoid #Texit, America.

Hillary Or Trump?

As the first child in the first generation of Indian American immigrants, and a product of the combination of the private school “privilege” and the public school system, I feel that I can somewhat accurately represent what an average American is.

First of all, why am I writing this?

Throughout this whole election process, all I have seen (and scrolled past unashamedly with growing annoyance) are articles about politics, Trump, Bernie, Hillary, and if I scroll fast enough, just the blurs of red, white and blue. But these past few weeks, with the resurgence of people that I know posting about the importance of gun control and freedom, and the fact that Americans in general are looking for government action to put their hearts at ease, I’ve started to pay closer attention to what has actually been going on. This is also a direct response to Brexit, with citizens of Britain looking up, “What is Brexit?” and, “What is EU?” only hours after the polls closed. So I decided to investigate.

I’d like to think I am an educated individual, so I spend some time looking up Donald Trump’s and Hillary Clinton’s policies over the past few days, and here is what I’ve come up with. As of right now, I’m just stating the facts.

And as of right now, all of America is having to pick between Hillary and Trump, and from what I can see it’s pretty hard.

So I made a chart. (green is pro and red is against, by the way.)

These are the probably the most spoken about policies that have been mentioned at rallies, debates, etc.

As you can see, Hillary is pro-immigration, pro-abortion, against the use of guns and pro-gay marriage. Trump is pro guns, against gay marriage and all for building a wall. So let’s talk about these policies. Take these policies for each candidate (Hillary and Trump): taxes and immigration, respectively.

Let’s say I want to vote for Trump.

Illegal Immigrants are doing nothing but mooching off of our resources and taking all our taxpayer money, right? And they don’t even have to give one cent towards the American economy! Of course let’s build the wall! Kick them out!

Now wait a minute.

IRS estimates that around $6 million unauthorized illegal immigrants file individual income tax returns each year. Not only that, but the Congressional Budget Office indicates that 70% - 80% of unauthorized immigrants pay federal, state, and local taxes. In terms of Social Security, illegal immigrants are estimated to pay in about $7 billion per year.

Ok so sure, they don’t completely mooch off of us. They do what they are required to do, or at least the majority do. That’s just compensating for the money they waste spending on themselves, it really doesn’t mean anything. Right??


Yes, illegal immigrants spend millions of dollars per year, which supports the US economy to help create new jobs. The Texas State Comptroller had reported that 1.4 million illegal immigrants in Texas alone added $18 billion to the state’s budget, and paid $1.2 billion in state services used.

Should I continue?

With “building the wall” and refusing immigrants to enter the country, not even from Mexico, but from limiting educated immigrants - such as my own parents - that could stimulate the economy and help YOU maintain your own job from entering the country will not only kill the economy**, but also most probably your job. Opposed to what people might think, under the Obama administration, the economy has added more than 9 million jobs, and the unemployment rate has dropped to below 5%.

**which is at its best after the Bush administration (8 years)

However, though these numbers ARE great, the number of long-term unemployed Americans has dropped by 614,000 people under the Obama administration, but it is still 761,000 higher than at the start of the Great Recession.

What does this mean?

If we do decide to go ahead and enact the policies that Trump has openly promoted since his declaration to run, there will be stricter laws on immigration reform, right?

This will put thousands out of jobs, lower the GDP (gross domestic product), and lower the chance that you will still hold a job within one year of Trump being in office, because we are still not out of debt; which means we might actually experience a worse recession than ever before.

This shouldn’t be a problem though, considering that Trump is a businessman, right? His corporations have filed for bankruptcy four times.

What happens when a country declares bankruptcy?

The government may shut down banks and impose capital controls to avoid currency depreciation, and slowly pay back their debts as the country struggles to balance its immediate domestic priorities against its obligations to bondholders. In other words, it's hell.

Now let me go over Hillary’s policies for a minute.

For the youth of America, Hillary is no Bernie Sanders. She has changed her stance on policies, had an inbox full of emails specifically about Benghazi completely disappear from the world and the internet as we know it, and her credibility meets your expectations of your stereotypical politician.

But according to her current policies, she seems to be taking off from the point Obama has left the country to. And what would happen if Hillary took over from there?

Clinton announced a plan in her policy about levying a 4% “surcharge” on people earning more than $5 million, which over the span of 4 years will generate around $150 billion overall. Likewise, according to analysis done by the Tax Foundation, Clinton’s plan would raise tax revenue by $498 billion over the next decade.

Also known as, boosting our economy, providing more jobs, and being able to put the money back towards education, health coverage, and jobs.

Now if you actually stuck with me through this whole essay - congrats! You are now an educated American who is pretty well-versed in what is going on this election season.

Now that everything is completely on the table, you’re definitely voting for Trump right?

PSA: Please exercise your right to vote for the great America we already live in this election season!!!

I’d like to give credit to the Congressional Budget Office, Texas State Comptroller, New York Times, Internal Revenue Service, CNN Money, FactCheck.org, and TheStreet for all the credible data.

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