Hillary Clinton: Not President Material
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Hillary Clinton: Not President Material

Why I don't support her, and why you should reconsider how you feel about her.

Hillary Clinton: Not President Material

Thomas Paine once said, "A body of men holding themselves accountable to nobody ought not to be trusted by anybody."

Accountability and Trustworthiness. Two words that always have and always will go hand in hand. Unless, of course, you're Hillary Clinton. In my opinion, there are many reasons to not support this woman as Commander in Chief, but those two words sum up the main reasons.

You're probably thinking to yourself, "Here's another guy that will not give the email investigation a rest."

Well, you'd be correct.

I find it absolutely absurd that this woman is running for President while others have been prosecuted, fined, stripped of all security clearances, and denied any chances of working for the U.S. Government again. Why did Hillary get off so easily?

FBI Director James Comey stated that there was evidence of possible mishandling of classified material by Hillary Clinton, but there did not seem to be any intent to do so. Therefore, no prosecutor would try to build a case against her.


United States Code 793 - Gathering, transmitting, or losing defense information subsection (F) never once says there must be any obvious intent for there to be a prosecution. I'm not kidding- look it up.

If you don't feel like looking it up, and if you're a Hillary supporter then I'm sure you don't, you should at least take the time to look up a man named Bryan Nishimura.

Nishimura was a Naval Reservist who plead guilty to unauthorized removal and retention of classified material. He was later handed down a sentence, and I can assure you will never be running for Presidency in the United States. The only thing that I cannot understand is that the FBI stated that although they found evidence of retaining classified information, they never found any evidence that he INTENDED to distribute it to unauthorized personnel. But guess what? He was convicted anyway, because unless you are Hillary Clinton, you must be held accountable for your actions.

This is just one of the many people that have been convicted for doing the same thing that Hillary did, but I won't bore you with that.

It would be completely negligent of me to not mention Benghazi. The compound that the U.S. Ambassador was staying at lacked security. Plain and simple. There were hundreds of requests for more security to be brought in, but Hillary denied those requests time and time again. This eventually resulted in the loss of four American lives. Four American lives that could have survived if Hillary Clinton was not as negligent as she is.

Trust me, I have come to grips with the fact that she will not have to answer for her actions, but it makes me feel better when I let out my frustration concerning it; and if I change one person's mind about her in the process, then I have succeeded.

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