Hillary Clinton, while some can look to you as a smashing of the glass ceiling and granted, a woman president one day would be a wonderful thing (Carly Fiorina), but you Hillary are the most undeserving candidate I’ve seen in recent history.

First off, I’m no Bernie supporter. I’m convinced he knows little about the economy, and how it works. His motives are barely sincere and his knowledge is subpar. I can barely consider myself a Republican because of the mess the party has become by not electing someone like Marco Rubio or Rand Paul. Trump isn’t as bad as unfunny comedians make him out to be but that doesn’t mean I support him 100%. Despite this, I’d still vote for Trump over Hillary based on her poor track record with the truth. Hillary has lied about major incidents such as the Bengazi incident and whether or not she illegally sent classified information on a private email server to simple things such as her name. And no, that wasn’t a hyperbole, she actually lied about the origin of her name. Sir Edmund Hillary was the man who climbed Mount Everest and Hillary claimed that her name came from this man, there’s just one problem Hillary was born 6 years before he ever climbed. Now, what do you gain out of doing something like this? A few people are impressed and others can see through your nonsense. But this isn’t just about a few white lies, this is about the major lies and major donations she has taken from countries that have sketchy ways of viewing human rights.

Many people are confused as to what does Hillary Clinton’s email account have to do with anything, well I’m here to answer that. Hillary Clinton according to FBI report, had been using a private email server in order to communicate while being Secretary of State. This is a bit of a problem because all government officials are given .gov accounts in order to communicate with other government officials and are expected to use those accounts. In fact, according to the FBI agent that did this investigation James Comey, anyone employed as secretary of state would have been sent to prison for what she did, but because she’s running for president she’s exempt. If Hillary can’t be treated fairly under the law, or handle an email account, why should she be the leader of the free world? Also, for someone who claims to be all about women’s rights and the LGBT community, parts of her record doesn’t seem to show that.

Saudi Arabia is the only American ally that punishes homosexuality with death, and they’ve helped the Clintons quite a bit with an absurd amount of donations. Anywhere between 10-25 million dollars have been donated by Saudi Arabia to the Clinton foundation, and they’ve taken more money from countries like Qatar and Oman where being gay is a crime and women have little rights for themselves. Seems to be a bit odd that someone who claims she stands up for women and the LGBT community, she’s taken money from countries that are completely against the same things she claims to stand for. Unless of course, she isn’t. She claims she wants all rape victims to be heard and believed, yet she holds back chuckles with a child rapist. She shuts down women who bring up the history involving her husband, she covers up her scandals and lies by deflecting or not even caring and she has a shot at being President of the United States.

This just goes to show that being a Clinton can get you free from just about everything.