The 5 Greatest Moments Of That One Summer Beach Trip
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The 5 Greatest Moments Of That One Summer Beach Trip

The things that always make me want to come back.

The 5 Greatest Moments Of That One Summer Beach Trip

Quality Time!

I am so thankful for this one week out of the year where I get to spend time with family members that I do not get to see enough. Sitting on the porch listening to music, getting up early and having breakfast, and just laying on the beach talking has been a blast. This gives me moments and things to look back on when I go back to college and am almost 4 hours away again.

Playing with my crazy little cousins.

I have 5 of my cousins with me on vacation and they are all no older than 8 years old. They are super funny and silly. They can be brats at times nut are mostly sweet. They love for me to play with them and hang out with them. Even though relaxing n the beach I have been enjoying every second that I have to share with them. I would them be hanging all over me than not wanting to have anything to do with me.

The great view.

We stayed in a condo that was right on the beach and it was amazing. You could constantly hear the calming and melodic sound of the waves crashing and the wind blowing. Looking out onto the never-ending water while the sunset could nearly take your breath away. I might not want to live here in Florida but the simplistic beauty is astounding.

Family picture time.

This was definitely not a forgettable time. My grandmother wanted the kids to do a pirate theme this year, so she bought them these cute piratey dresses and shirts. My grandmother and I also bought things like pirate swords, compasses, guns, and a mask to use as props. They absolutely loved these and of course, fought over who got to hold what. When we got down to the beach the wind was fiercely blowing which made my hair get in my face in the pics just about, the kids only wanted to play, and my 8-month-old brother only wanted to scream and cry in every photo. I love picture time it really is quite amusing.

The stinky yet unforgettable condo.

My mom booked us a place in the same condominium as my other relatives. Through the pictures, it looked decent and the reviews were not that bad. There were a couple of complaints but they did not seem that bad and some people are just insanely picky. As we walked into our residence for the week the weird odor instantly hit us. It was a funky, unexplainable smell that mainly stayed in the living and kitchen area and thankfully not in the bedrooms but was still pretty irritating and gagging but thankfully it was not molded since my dad is pretty allergic. It was not all bad because we were either out on the beach or in our relatives' much nicer condo just a couple floors above ours and leaves a way to not forget this vacation, years down the road.

Looking back on the vacation that will soon come to an end I am really glad I got to go. I got to hang out with my beloved family and ditch work for a week. I had a fun, relaxing, drama free time. I will miss the beach and the feeling I have with it although I am somewhat ready to fall back into my regular routine back home. Until next year!

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