5 Reasons To Be Happy On Valentine's Day if You Are Single

Ahhhh...Valentine's Day. The one day a year is expected of you to go to a fancy dinner and after that go home together. *wink*

However not everyone has someone on this chocolate-filled day. Some people try and get blind dates just to be with someone. Great for them!

But if you don't have a significant other or a cat to spend Valentine's Day with, here are 5 reasons you shoukd be excited too! Apart from the hundreds of reasons to be sad lol.

1. Discount Chocoate


The days leading up to Valentine's are CRAZY! But the days after, all that chocolate no one bought is now 75% off! Get them candies!

2. Less Pressure


Some people feel so pressured on the right gift, the right dinner, the right chair! You can sit home and maybe cry and watch netflix in your pjs!



A lot of us are broke college students to begin with. Save your coins!!

4. Flirting


some people are a bit more "willing" you can say on this day. Go meet a handsome stranger and flirt because you have zero commitments !

5. Zero Expectations


You are not inevitably disappointed if your night doesn't turn out like planned, because you have no plans! Be spontaneous or sleep all day! Both are good

You're not the only single person in the world! Don't let one day ruin your life!! Also some pizza joints sell heart shaped pizzas, so buy yourself one!

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