5 Reasons To Be Happy On Valentine's Day if You Are Single

Here Are 5 Reasons You Should Be Excited For Valentine's Day If You're Single


Ahhhh...Valentine's Day. The one day a year is expected of you to go to a fancy dinner and after that go home together. *wink*

However not everyone has someone on this chocolate-filled day. Some people try and get blind dates just to be with someone. Great for them!

But if you don't have a significant other or a cat to spend Valentine's Day with, here are 5 reasons you shoukd be excited too! Apart from the hundreds of reasons to be sad lol.

1. Discount Chocoate


The days leading up to Valentine's are CRAZY! But the days after, all that chocolate no one bought is now 75% off! Get them candies!

2. Less Pressure


Some people feel so pressured on the right gift, the right dinner, the right chair! You can sit home and maybe cry and watch netflix in your pjs!



A lot of us are broke college students to begin with. Save your coins!!

4. Flirting


some people are a bit more "willing" you can say on this day. Go meet a handsome stranger and flirt because you have zero commitments !

5. Zero Expectations


You are not inevitably disappointed if your night doesn't turn out like planned, because you have no plans! Be spontaneous or sleep all day! Both are good

You're not the only single person in the world! Don't let one day ruin your life!! Also some pizza joints sell heart shaped pizzas, so buy yourself one!

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10 Things You Should Think To Yourself Every Time You Look In The Mirror

There is more to us than what we see in the mirror.


I know I am not the only one when I look at the mirror that tends to notice the negatives and things I wish would change about myself. I am my own worst critic, and sometimes I wish the one thing I could change about myself is the way I view myself. Whether we are 100% confident with the way we look or we struggle each day looking in the mirror, let's all work to think these 10 thoughts every time we take a glance in the mirror.

1. My hair might not be "perfect," but that is OK 

Princess Dairies

Whether you have long straight hair, short curly hair, or no hair at all, it is okay. Understand that each of us is cut from a different cloth, making us each unique and perfect the way we are. Know that no amount of frizz, texture, or color will decide what is considered the perfect hairstyle.

2. I am more than the size of my clothes 

Size Doesn't Matter

The number on the waistline of your jeans and the tag on your shirt is not a rank of who you are. Don't let a number decide how you feel about yourself because you're worth more. There's a difference between being excited because you are losing or gaining weight on purpose, and you've changed in size. That's a goal you set out to achieve and should be proud of for accomplishing.

3. My legs may jiggle, but they help carry me through the best and worst times  


Who honestly cares about you having a thigh gap beside you? No matter your physical strength, your legs are strong, and they help move you every step you take. Be proud of them, be proud of you.

4. Beauty is not one size fits all 

Body Positivity

This world is filled with all sorts of people, and we all look different. Understanding and loving the diversity that this world brings will help you find the much-needed acceptance and love from yourself.

5. I'm going to be me today, bumps and all 

I'm just me.

You are not a walking, talking, real-life photoshopped photo. No matter how hard it is to admit, we all have our bumps on our skin. We can't let them hold us back.

6. My superpower is being me 

Behind the scenes

We all have our own weaknesses, strengths, and little personality quirks that make us who we are. Beauty is not just on the outside. We have so much inner beauty with who we are, and understanding that you are a gift to this world is something we need to remind ourselves every day.

7. My body is always ready for a swimsuit 

Every body is a swimsuit body

Need to know how to get a swimsuit body? Put on a swimsuit, and there you go! I think we all struggle during the time of year when the temperatures rise and the idea of strolling around in a swimsuit, whether a bikini, one piece or swim trunks.

8. I change for me, not you 

No Way

If you decide to lose weight, gain weight, change your style, or anything, that is okay. It is your life, and you shouldn't change yourself for others. If you make these changes, do them solely for yourself—not your family, best friend, significant other, or anyone.

9. My self-worth isn't defined by others 

I am amazing.

It can be easy to fall into the trap of listening to critics about yourself, and something we all need to realize that we are worth more than gold. We shouldn't decide our value based on other people, because, in the end, they don't know the full picture of us. The only person who does is yourself.

10.  I love me 

Learn to love yourself.

To love yourself is to embrace all of the good and bad things about yourself, and then understand each little part about yourself makes you. If you can't love yourself, who can? Loving yourself isn't easy, but in the end, is 100% worth it.

Whether you have these written on Post-It notes stuck to your mirror or these are mantras you say in your mind each morning, these thoughts can help you find a more positive outlook about yourself. This isn't a cure, but a step in the right direction. Our world is hard enough, and we shouldn't make it any harder on ourselves by tearing ourselves every chance we can.

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Sorry, But My Roommates Are Better Than Yours

They are the girls that have seen me both at my best and my worst.


I never moved out for college until my junior year in college. It was a scary challenge for me because I was and still am so close to my family. I feared rejection and not fitting in with others, because I am aware of the fact that I am different than most girls my age.

The first few weeks in a house full of 16 other women was really hard and mainly lonely. I felt like I was trapped within myself, until the day I decided downstairs to do my homework. As I was sitting there, three girls slowly joined me and their names are Kortni, Zoey, and Destiny.

These women have become some of my closest friends. They each have taught me to adore the small and unexpected things that life brings our way.

Most of our "gals nights" consist of eating, mainly a carb (or 2) and watching funny tv shows. We sometimes might lookout nice and fancy and go eat Mexican food, but my favorite moments when are when we are just together.

I could never imagine having this college experience without them and it breaks my heart to know that we only have a few days left together of living in the same house.

Sometimes all I need after a day at school and work is to sit at the dining room table and vent to them. They have empowered me to do so many fun things over the past couple of months. I am certain that my life would be extremely boring without them.

I know that when we all move out that our friendship will not end, but instead it will be stronger. They have truly changed how I view things in this world. I hope they know how much they mean to me because their friendship is priceless.

Moving off to college can be scary, but it can be one of the most rewarding things a girl can do if you are surrounded by the right people. The friends you make in college are some that will last a lifetime, and I couldn't be more thankful for the ones that I have made thus far.

This letter is to my roommates who became my closest friends. Kortni, Zoey, and Destiny, you each mean so much to me and I hope you know how thankful I am for you each and every day.

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