Recently, the Southeast got hit with Hurricane Michael. The powerful storm took 34 lives, left over 1,000 Floridians missing and, according to officials, will take years to recover from.

Many people are suffering and have been left without homes. In times of natural disasters, it is crucial to put all differences aside and come together as a community. Even if you live miles away from the Southeast, you can still help out the hurricane victims.

Here are some great charities you can donate to.

1. Donate to World Hope International.

World Hope International will assist in providing hurricane victims with emergency supplies, such as food and water. When you donate to World Hope International, you are helping hurricane victims survive.

2. Donate to International Relief Teams.

International Relief Teams delivers ready-made meals and disaster health kits to those who need them the most. Donating to International Relief Teams can potentially save someone's life and provide them with the ready-made meal and health kit they desperately need.

3. Donate to Direct Relief.

Direct Relief supports almost 200 health facilities in impacted areas. They provide the facilities with emergency medical packs. Emergency medical packs are crucial in times of natural disasters. They can save a life and bring comfort to the hurricane victims who need it most.

4. Donate to Donors Choose.

Donors Choose supports teachers and students by providing support for them to restock classroom supplies such as books, furniture, technology and therapy resources. When you support Donors Choose, you support a classroom in need.

5. Donate to Go Fund Me.

Go Fund Me is working with many organizers and beneficiaries to provide those in need with all the resources they need! They are using their platform to raise money for the hurricane victims who really need it.

6. Donate to Global Giving.

Global Giving raises funds toward relief efforts such as food, water and medicine. They also promise to provide longer-term recovery to those who need it!

When you donate to these charities, you are aiding people who desperately need your help. No one wants to be in these circumstances, so make sure to think of those who have been impacted by the storm.

All the love for the Hurricane Michael victims, and may they recover soon.