Depression To Us

I think we all can agree on the fact that depression feels different for each and every one of us. We may share some similarities in how we feel or why we may feel that way, but we are all different and are living different lives.

I am a mother of two wonderful children, a wife, a full-time college student, a Content Creator and the Social Media Director to SNHU Odyssey, and I work part-time at a Harbor Freight. Most would probably agree that I may be depressed due to how busy I seem to be; drained may be a word to use. But what everyone does not see is what is going on inside my mind; you know, the stuff the rest of the world cannot see unless I show them.

Depression for me feels like I am suffocating in a room full of breathable air. Depression for me feels like I have this huge weight on my chest that just seems to get heavier with each passing day. I cannot get up, I cannot breathe. I know that I should get up and clean or do homework, I know what I should be doing and what I want to be doing, but I just cannot do any of it. I am tied down and am struggling to break free.

What does depression feel like/mean to you?

Corrinne said, "For me when it occasionally happens it feels like a cloud on my mind and just mentally and physically exhausted and drained where the thought to do anything is exhausting. It's easy to feel bad about it too like I should be doing things and be productive but I am unable to. Usually i just have to relax and maybe go outside or sleep and after a day or two I usually feel better. I also have no ability to concentrate or focus or be creative when depressed. And sometimes its triggered by anxiety like I feel anxious then I just shut down."

Cassandra said. "What she said^ but it has more of a hold on me. I've spent months, even years, of my life depressed. To me, depression is a normal and the battle remains just as hard as the first day. What does depression mean to me? Depression is a fluid cage that encases everything you enjoy and care about in a film of distaste. Your left wondering to yourself how it got this bad unknowingly feeding your depression with thoughts like these desperate to be better and the more you want to be better the worse it gets. The only way out in my opinion is to let yourself sink. Let it grab you and drag you all the way to the bottom, accept the depression and surrender your thoughts and you might find yourself on an upswing."

Kendra said. "When I get really bad depression, for me, it feels like I'm not even alive. I'm drained and all I want to do is sleep and I want no interaction with anybody. But at the same time. I get frustrated because I want to see people and I want to interact. I want to want it and I feel like I'm watching myself from the outside just destroy myself by not doing anything, but when I see myself it's not like I'm in my room like I actually am. It's like I'm in this dark hole where everything is going super fast and I'm in the slow motion decaying."

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