healthy foods in college

Every college student needs some go to snacks to keep in their dorm room. Below is a list of a few healthy must-haves.



Whether it be Skinnypop, or something microwavable, popcorn is a great snack. It tastes great and (can be) healthy, a win!

Protein/Granola bars 


Protein bars are an awesome snack because they keep well, are filling, and packed with protein! There's a wide variety of bars on the market to pick from, which is great when it comes to getting to pick out flavors you like.

Trail mix 


Trailmix is another great protein filled option. And depending on the variety, it can be a sweet treat!

Easy to keep fruit


Fruits like bananas and apples, ones that are easy to keep, are also great options.



If you have a refridgerator, keeping vegetables like carrots, cucumbers, and peppers are great, and super easy, to snack on!

Having healthy and tasty snacks to munch on in between classes, and when studying, is super convenient and helpful. Having to make the trek down to the dining hall can be annoying/inconvenient, so having ready to go options is essential!

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