Sushi and different forms of raw fish are one of the most common and trending foods in society today. Although the thought of raw fish can disgust some people, it can have health benefits and help maintain weight while also tasting super good. In fact, raw tuna has so many health benefits such as reducing blood pressure, improving your immune system, reducing depression, strengthening bones and even enhancing weight loss and helping with your eye health.

Personally, one of my favorite foods is raw tuna, and from having a huge friend group from both Michigan and Miami, I know I am not the only one. So, here’s the top six healthiest and most delicious ways of eating raw tuna:

1. Tuna Sashimi

One of my favorite forms of raw tuna because it contains no extra ingredients. No rice or sauce, simply just the raw meat with a side of soy sauce. A sushi roll can have up to 1 cup of white rice in it, so if you are eating multiple rolls choose sashimi.

2. Ahi Tuna Poke Bowl

Although a poke bowl may not be the healthiest form of raw tuna, considering what you decide to put into it, it is definitely the most delicious. If you go to UM, try the Poke Bowl stand that comes to the campus farmers market every Wednesday!

3. Ahi Tuna TarTar

It is pretty much just like sashimi, except with much more flavors including sesame and avocado which has health benefits of its own. It is a healthy and low-calorie meal that many restaurants carry. Including my favorite Ronin Sushi in Royal Oak, Michigan or the Setai Hotel’s restaurant in Miami.

4. Sesame Seared Ahi Tuna

If the thought of raw fish grosses you out, this may be the perfect solution for you. Lightly grilled tuna with a sesame layer, serve it with teriyaki or soy and it’s one of the best foods you’ll have.

5. Tuna Tataki

Also, here's one of the most delicious ways of eating raw tuna - famously served at restaurants such as Nobu in California. A bit more spicy than usual and has ginger coding to it, depending on where you are ordering from.

6. Tuna Fish Taco

Asian isn’t the only style of tuna! Put a piece of raw tuna in a tortilla with some cilantro, mango salsa, and lime.