I am the worst when it comes to fast food. It is just so easy and convenient. However, the way it makes me feel is far from ok. Since it's hard to stop that habit, I've come up with a list of these restaurants that are more acceptable.

1. Chick-fil-A 

This one is my absolute favorite, so it had to be at the top. The quality and service of this franchise is undeniably excellent. Not only will the staff treat you with respect, but you will leave with a great meal.

2. Chipotle 

This Mexican restaurant brings you a healthier version of these sometimes unhealthy foods. You can make your dish how you like and get it quick.

3. CoreLife Eatery 

This place is not my personal fav because it doesn't always fill me up, but it is extremely healthy. You also get to chose your dish and try new things.

4. Jimmy John's 

The Freaky Fast motto will be perfect for snagging a sandwich from JJ's. Ask them to take out the extra bread in the loaf for even fewer calories.

5. Noodles and Company 

Salads, and noodles, and soups, oh my! There is a wide array of dishes from various cultures to try here. You'll leave feeling all warm inside from all the comfort food.

6. Einstein Bros. Bagels 

Mostly a breakfast type food place that is sure to also double as a study spot.

7. Panera 

Delivery, sit down, or pick up are your options here. Fruit smoothies, salads, soups and sandwiches are what you will find.

8. McAllister's 

A very similar choice to Panera, but more typical flavors.

Most fast food places will have healthier options no matter where you go, and lots of the time will show you the calorie count in each thing. Fast food isn't bad, but just keep aware of what you are putting in your body.