When you are sick, all you can think about is getting better when you are on medications or antibiotics. Despite the extensive amount of medications available, the best form of medicine lies in laughter!

This remarkable discovery has actually been proven scientifically by Dr. Lee Bark, an associate professor at Loma Linda University in California who has been instrumental towards actively studying the archaic phenomenon of laughter and its effects on medicine.

When you are laughing, you end up forgetting your stress for a while and that can help reduce levels of anxiety. Bark has mentioned in his studies that laughter inhibits the release of the stress hormone cortisol. So whenever you find yourself experiencing even a tiny bit of stress, try to crack a few laughs just to ease the anxiety and stress levels.

A few chuckles can grant you more longevity and it is pertinent for the elderly to partake in the jolly activity of laughter. Personally, I enjoy interacting with the elderly and always strive to make them laugh when I'm with them. In fact, the elderly are the ones who really need laughter as it serves as their natural medicine to fight loneliness and age-related diseases.

Laughter serves as the natural antidote to illness and stress because it provides everyone with a sense of renewed hope and optimism. As a matter of fact, meaningful social interactions with friends and family can easily help facilitate this natural behavior. According to Bark and his colleagues, "Laughter is more than a muscular and vocal behavior. It is accompanied by a variety of physiological and neural manifestations." His ongoing research since decades circulating around the neurobiology and psychology of laughter has emerged as one of the most successful scientific breakthroughs.

Moreover, laughing out loud makes you feel way better than you previously were and enables you to share or even partake in the happiness of others. The synchronized self-organization of laughter at a public venue i.e. a party adds watts of power and energy to the crowd thus uplifting the atmosphere even more. This explains exactly the psychological and neurological phenomenon of laughter and how it can cure diseases faster.