When people ask you to tell them more about you, you probably leave out the fact that you are known as "the friend with the big heart." There is no simple way to tell people that you will check on their mental well being every single day, you will constantly beg them to see the positives in negative situations, and you will probably allow too many people to hurt or take advantage of you because you focus on seeing the good in everyone. You are blindly optimistic. You are caring and compassionate and you love people with everything you have, even when they can't return the feeling.

That is not something you should be concerned about or second-guessing. You have been through a lot in your life that has caused you to react to these situations the way that you do. You have been treated poorly by enough people to know that you don't want to make anyone feel like you have felt. There is no shame in that, and it is actually proof of your most endearing quality.

Having a big heart or being overly forgiving is not something that you come across too much in the world today. Everyone is angry and upset. There is an overabundance of violence. You aren't the only one trying to share a little light in a darkening world. You are just the one that has to hold on to it, simply because a lot of the others won't. Not many people will continue to see the good in people who have shown them so much bad, not many people are able to fight through their own pain and hurt to clean up someone else's. Not many people will be willing to forgive the people they love and put the relationship over their pride. But, that is what makes you so unique. It is what makes you special. You are able to give more to this world when you are able to help the people who have fallen off the ground.

Stop being concerned that you give people a second chance, they may feel alone and need someone to show them they aren't. Don't allow them to break you if they let you down again though, use it to try and help someone new. Stop second guessing whether or not you should make sure your friends and family are alright. They could be at their breaking points and you just might be the person to help them see clearly. Stop being concerned that you are the only one trying to remain positive. Someone has to keep the light in the world. Stop second guessing everyone. Your instincts are good, use them.

Next time someone asks you to tell them more about you, let them see it. Let them see that you are about to become the light in their life. Let them see that you are going to help them become more positive and you are going to check in. Let them see that you have a big heart, and you don't care if you could be let down. You already went through so many negatives, life is too short to not try and be the best version of yourself. Be unapologetically yourself, I promise your light will change someone's world.