At the age of two, being a ballerina was all I dreamed of. Dressing up in outfits, making my own dances, and performing for my friends and family.

But, this quickly changed when I started taking dance classes and learned that I absolutely hated it; partly because I discovered my lack of coordination.

Flash forward a few years to when my fascination with fashion spiked, and I envisioned myself being a fashion designer. I made my mom buy me fabric and sketch pads, and I spent hours watching Project Runway each day.

But of course, I lost interest in this fantasy within a few months.

As I entered middle school and then high school, I discovered an aptitude for science and math. This quickly transformed into more of a talent and a goal. I was determined to be a doctor, but not just any doctor– a neurosurgeon.

This was something I truly had a passion for. I read memoirs and autobiographies by neurosurgeons, attended summer medical programs, and did every school project I had on something related to this topic.

However, during senior year of high school, something hit me. I still have trouble identifying exactly what it was, but this epiphany made me realize that this was no longer a goal I wanted for myself. I was confused and suddenly felt lost.

Upon entering the University of Michigan, a school with endless majors, opportunities, clubs, etc., I realized that I was in a unique position. Contrary to many others, I had no idea what I wanted to study. While this was overwhelming to me at first, and something I would cry to my parents about, I soon realized that I was in an incredibly advantageous situation.

Simply not having a clue what I want to do with my life has led me to be able to take such a wide variety of classes, and truly discover where my interests lie. Of course, I have my moments of weakness where I will call my parents crying about how overwhelming the idea of not having a plan for my future is, but that's what makes me human. In these moments, they simply remind me to just take advantage of the opportunities in front of me.

While I still don't know what is in store for me in the future, I have learned the importance of taking advantage of what is around you. If I had come into college with a fixated mindset, I may not have experienced half of what I am happy to have experienced thus far.