Probably you have an invention idea but totally lost how and from where to start it. This is a big problem for lot of people, even can occur for me if I have such situation sometimes. Because I looked at this mountain and said, there is no way to start this. But in reality, it is a process, a day to day execution. But then you say alright, what is my execution?

The place you need to start is education, understanding, how and what to do? So, every time you started anything it may be an adventure, or a project you have to get a baseline of understanding, just so you haven't acknowledged. You need to do is ask question from your mentors, or if you are unable to do so, then Internet is standing by with you.

Carry out web research, watch YouTube videos, gather knowledge from social media, and Google scholar is your excellent teacher. The books are an excellent inventhelp materials from there you can acquire knowledge to be able to ask knowledgeable questions.

Alright, the first step in the process obviously got education. But once you're actually going to start taking steps with your project. When you got enough invention idea then the next step is research in the marketplace, understand where I'm pitching. There are so many on line resources to learn how to do so many different things.

Just take a look on this example. Suppose, I have changed my alternator on my can, I had no idea what I was doing. I got success by watching some of the YouTube videos, read some tutorial and boom! I had enough knowledge to get in to it.

Let's see the entrepreneurial process, how to become an entrepreneur? How you go from an everyday individual to somebody who's successful in business. Entrepreneurial is startup slinging this whole category and it is not any specific skill.

It is more of a mindset that I've realized this myself kind of looking back at my adventure. I feel I did not need necessarily any skill. Okay, the skill that I had was when I was faced with the problem, figured out what to do to overcome it. Not everybody has this kind of mindset in them.

Well according to my point if view If I invent an iPhone someday, I closely looks upon the people needs. For what people are crazy about, what if I remove top notch, adding an option of dual boot process. I'll definitely add up dual boot setup in my invented iPhone that will easily handle iOS and android operating software according to the user needs.

Steve Jobs invented an iPhone and mac computers, but, wait actually plenty of similar products were already in the market. Apple just re-invented the communication device integrating it with public interest technologies. Uniqueness of an iPhone in 19th century was usability, the software, and strong hardware combination that earned enormous fame, not this but also economical standout for the Apple business. This was the only Steve Jobs curiosity that leads the company to mountains.