The Rich Hauntings Of Haunted Hotel Monte Vista
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The Rich Hauntings Of Haunted Hotel Monte Vista

A robber bled to death while sharing a last cold one with the boys instead of getting medical help. #Friendshipgoals!

The Rich Hauntings Of Haunted Hotel Monte Vista

Sitting in Flagstaff, Arizona, the Hotel Monte Vista became one of Arizona's most haunted hotspots in October of 2016. It's about two hours north of the Phoenix area along Route 66. The hotel was built in 1927 and has been a hotspot for paranormal activities since then- even famous guests such as John Wayne have experienced a spooky encounter.

John Wayne was staying in room 210 when someone knocked on the door and called out that it was "room service". But, upon opening the door no one was there. He then proceeded to alert the staff on more than one occasion of paranormal activity throughout his stay.

On the Hotel Monte Vista website, they list famous haunting's that continue to take place throughout the hotel.

1. Meat man in Room 220

Referred to as meat man, this particular guest had a habit of hanging raw meat from the room chandelier.

Talk about strange hobbies.

This all happened in the 1980's, and the lodger was found in his room three days AFTER his death. Not too long after his death, a maintenance worker who was repairing a few things in the room left, turned the lights off, and locked the door.

But upon returning minutes later, he discovered the television at full volume and the bed linens stripped and scattered around the room. It's still common for the TV to act on its own and feelings of cold hands touching overnight guests in their sleep.

Even though meat man has some weird hobbies, he is by far my favorite ghost I've talked about thus far in my other paranormal articles.

2. The rocking chair in Room 305

The most active room in the entire hotel, there have been numerous reports of seeing a woman rocking in a chair near the window. People have even reported the chair moving by itself in different spots throughout the room and knocking coming from inside the closet.

An elderly lady of the hotel who rented the room more often than not would sit in the rocking chair by the window for hours end. No one really knows to this day what she looking at or for, or even waiting for.

3. Women of the night

In the early 1940s, Flagstaff's Red Light District used to be south of the train tracks. And two prostitutes were brought to room 306 and ended up being killed then thrown from the window to the cold street.

Guests have reported being awakened throughout the night and unable to get back to sleep since they felt as if they were being watched. Male guests report the feeling of hands being placed over their mouths and throats and then waking up feeling as if they can't breathe.

Room 220 doesn't seem to bad now, see ya room 306 I'll bunk with the ghost of meat man.

4. The bank robbers

In 1970, a trio of men robbed a nearby bank. But a bank guard shot of the man and despite the injured lad, the three decided to celebrate by getting a drink in the lounge of the hotel. The injured man bled to death while enjoying his last cold one with the boys.

Patrons and staff have reported being greeted by an anonymous always saying "good morning" and reports of barstools and drinks moving on their own.

One of the robbers might have died but at least he was able to grab one last beer with his bros. Talk about friendship goals.

There have also been reports of an infant cries in the basement, a transparent couple dancing in the lounge, whispers from a phantom asking guests which floor during their elevator ride and lightbulbs continuously being unscrewed or removed.

Last but not least, the most creepy is the shadow man who haunts the basement more recently. He's been spotted standing behind employees and delivery guys. Supposedly he stands over six feet tall and has a menacing, uncomfortable presence.

Hotel Monte Vista has a mixture of friendly ghosts and the stereotypical spooky ghosts which makes it a fun night of guessing which type of ghost might end up bothering you. Or scarring you for the rest of life.

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