3 Things That I Hate About Writing For Odyssey

I started writing for Odyssey the end of August 2017. In that time, I've written about 24 articles. I love writing; that's the reason I chose to join the Odyssey family. And though my medium of choice is poetry, I have found it exhilaratingly challenging to produce more prose styled pieces.

However, as much fun as it is being a content creator, it most definitely comes with its downsides.

1. Weekly deadlines.

(Nearly) every week new articles are to be submitted to be published the following week. And deadlines tend to sneak up on you. Before you realize it, it's time to get writing a something new. Even though it's something you willingly signed up for, it can be difficult to manage time properly, especially if you're a full-time student and working full time.

2. It takes so much of your time.

It takes time to think of a worthwhile article topic. It takes time to write that article. It takes time to find the perfect cover photo (that fits the guidelines). Personally, my best articles have taken hours to research, write, and optimize. Now, take that time and multiply it weekly.

3. Engagement is most important.

Since Odyssey is an online company that functions off of crowdsourced articles from thousands of creators, it makes sense that flashy, sensationalistic headlines are abundant. However, it can be stressful trying to produce professional-like pieces with headlines that are straight to the point but feeling the need to spice them up in order to reach more folks or be shared by Odyssey's main pages.

Every week, I ask myself, is it worth it? And every week, I convince myself that it is. In the end, life is what you make it. I see Odysessy as a platform to express my views and shed light on topics that too many would rather let fall by the wayside. I see it as a stepping stone to something bigger and better. Though I won't make a career out of this, it never hurts to sharpen those writing skills.

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