Yea cutting your split-ends off and getting a fresh new haircut can be a great thing and a super fun experience if you enjoy it but for most of the time, I hate getting haircuts. The last time I got a haircut was a months ago... I was basically forced to go by my sister because I hadn't gone in a whole year. Why didn't I go? Because I always have the worst experience at salons.

This is everything I hate about getting haircuts:

1. Small talk with the barber

This is one of the main reasons I HATE going to a salon to get a haircut. I hate small talk with strangers who I know nothing about, it's very awkward and full of fake laughs and smiles.

2. They always cut shorter than you ask for

This happens to me every single time. I ask for one or two inches off, and I'm left with a bob I absolutely hate. I wish they would actually listen to what you want instead of doing their own thing.

3. I don’t know what style to ask for

I'm an awkward person in places like the salon, I don't like telling people what I want because most of the time I don't know because I can be picky and regret it.

4. I feel like the people at the salon are judging me

Sometimes they can be rude to you for no reason and make you feel like they're talking about you or judging you and it's the worst feeling.

5. Hate having to pay so much for a quick trim

My last haircut cost me $40 to get one to two inches cut off… while they only charged my sister $20 because she has shorter hair. I think that was ridiculous. They even charge for every extra thing and they don't even tell you till you're paying at the register.

6. My hair grows out slowly

Once I get a haircut, my hair looks shiny and healthier but it takes forever to grow back!

7. They always try to convince you to do something you're not there for

They say you should get your eyebrows done because they look a mess and they keep mentioning it after you've said no already or say you should get highlights which cost so much, and sometimes they end up convincing you.

8. Waiting

Some of the times, if the salon is too busy, they make you wait for such a long time, and yes, I know being busy is not their fault but whenever it's busy, the salons I got to seem to do nothing about it. They have stylists just sitting there on their phones or gossiping and not working when there are a lot of people waiting. It gets frustrating.

9. I hate it for the first two weeks

Doesn't everyone?

10. You pretend it’s ok when it’s not

It's okay, to be honest about if you like your haircut or not, but I never speak up. Mostly because I'm scared and they cant fix it if its too short or the style is not what I want.