When it comes to One Direction band members, everyone has a favorite. This doesn’t translate to loving the others any less, but realistically, we can’t marry them all. Harry Styles is majestic. If Harry Styles were a kitchen appliance, he’d be a “Magic Bullet:” juicer, blender, dicer -- he’s got the whole package. It’s his charm, looks, quirky attitude, and angelic voice that make him the ideal companion.

At first glance, Harry Styles has us all searching desperately for an inhaler; his “look” is legendary, although he really only has two: slicked back, dressed up Tarzan or rag-doll found in a dumpster. Harry Styles can wear absolutely anything and look like a dime; he has the legs of a 16-year-old girl and can rock ripped, black skinny jeans better than anyone I’ve ever seen. No other band member can style his hair quite like Harry Styles; whether it’s mopped atop his head in a man-bun, tucked under a bandanna, or sitting gracefully upon his shoulders, Harry’s dark, wavy tresses are sure to steal all the attention. His light green eyes contrast with his hair in a most magnificent way; his dimples pop out from his cheeks when he flashes an honest grin.

Harry enjoys telling bad jokes, tweeting nonsense, eating bananas in between solos, and writing music that will one day sum up my teenage years. His voice matches his personality -- deep and august, with a little bit of spice. His solos are second-long trips to heaven; if blessed with the chance to witness one in person, be prepared for the long recovery time (one Harry Styles Solo=one day spent curled up in the fetal position). Coming from my sixth grade choir knowledge, his vocals are absolutely perfect.

Harry Styles is the teenage heartthrob we all desire, from the flowing hair to the suede boots more expensive than my house. He colors countless daydreams and inspires fan-fiction, fan-art and fangirl-ing; the hundreds of Instagram accounts made to praise his existence are the only proof I need. Although he may never know I write this or hear my name, I, and many others, will continue to be lifted up by the mere thought of him, which is all we really need.