Happy Birthday America!!
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Happy Birthday America!!

Happy Birthday America!!

Where are you flashing your patriotic spirit this year? The Fourth of July is a holiday full of positive nostalgia- for our country, for our family and friends, and for our youth! The Fourth means outdoor barbeques, beach, sunshine, family, and most importantly, fireworks! However, as the months go by, where you are spending the Fourth can be a growing source of stress and pressure. Oh NO! It’s officially July and you are yet to determine your plans. Let me help you ease the worry with a last minute compilation of some of the East Coast’s best Fourth of July destinations.

Nantucket, MA (ACK) – Ideal for the New England yuppie/prepster. On the Fourth, this island welcomes a sea of migrating Harding Lane hats and head to toe Vineyard Vines ensembles. If you didn’t pack your boat shoes, you should probably turn around right now and head back to the Cape or Vineyard, or wherever you came from. Not truly, but I hope you packed with style. For the island’s youth, looking to celebrate America’s birthday with a pack of Lime-a-ritas or a bag of Twisted Tea, head to Nobadeer beach. This party beach was host to Boston’s own rapper, Sammy Adams, for the Fourth years back. Come nighttime, be sure to check out the Chicken Box for a taste of Nantucket’s finest collection of New England Prep School alumni and a fun environment.    

Hamptons, NY- Perfect for the big spender/ socialite. Nothing is more glamorous than the Hamptons in the summertime. On the Fourth, you are likely to spot some local celebs, but not without a serious price tag. The Hampton’s newest club, 1 OAK Finale, host to Scott Dissick’s birthday party this summer, has seen the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio and countless professional athletes. Don’t skimp on the outfit; be prepared with the season’s best designer fashion and accessories, as clubs have a strict dress code.   

Cape May, NJ- Ideal if you are looking for old-timey, small town USA. Many of the yearly migrants to Cape May’s beaches have held houses in the area for generations. The beaches are pegged with family umbrellas and the town is lined with old Victorian houses. The town is full of history, including classic candy shops and Congress Hall- a beautiful luxury resort overlooking Cape May’s beachfront. Congress Hall illuminates its giant columns in red, white, and blue lights, as it hosts Cape May’s biggest Fourth event filled with bands and festivities. Be sure to visit Congress Hall’s boiler room for drinks; or the Rusty Nail, for a fun indoor/outdoor bar with a taste of the tropics.   

Outer Banks, NC (OBX) - For the family guy/girl. Chances are, if you are headed here, you are headed to your “family home” or your grandparent’s beach house- something of that nature. You’re looking for a low key, but family oriented celebration of America. Besides, nothing beats a beachside BBQ with your entire extended family… as long as it is promptly followed by a hangover trip to Duck Donuts. Be sure to visit the local brew-thru and watch the sunset on the pier!    

Charleston, SC- For a true, Southern beachside Fourth experience. The Fourth in Charleston is all about the water! The ocean is littered with boats and bikinis. Each beach hosts its own fireworks come nightfall. For those with their own boat- the best view of the light show is from the harbor! Although you can’t have drinks at many of the local beaches, downtown bars like Trio host daytime parties. Many visitors also venture off for the day on a boat cruise- where you can enjoy the best of Charleston’s water and beaches in privacy.   

Wherever you travel this Fourth of July, I hope it is filled with family, fun, fireworks, and festivities! If you are looking for me, I’ll be beachside in Nantucket. Here’s hoping this tropical storm stays out of my way!

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