It seems that every year when it comes time to shop for Hanukkah decorations there is less and less. It's quite frustrating and makes me feel like stores don't care about my holiday.

This year was especially hard as there was next to nothing.

My mom went to at least five different stores and no one had anything. Someone even told her to maybe check the dollar store. Meanwhile everywhere has rows of Christmas stuff. If there even is any Hanukkah stuff, it's in a small section that you practically have to hunt for.

I remember last year at Target looking for a couple of cards. The whole row was Christmas, but at the very end — only three cards wide and four cards down — were Hanukkah cards. A small patch of blue. I was not only irritated but hurt.

My favorite thing — and I say that with a much sarcasm as I can — is when they have random things like applesauce with the display. I get that we typically eat applesauce with latkes, but come on — that's just annoying.

The part that really makes me laughs is when they have Hanukkah stockings or ornaments. Are you kidding me? You're turning my holiday into something it's not. We don't fill stockings and we don't have anything to hang ornaments on.

My family went to several different stores and were disappointed each time to find absolutely nothing.

I was looking for gelt — chocolate coins — because the kids at the daycare I work at love to play dreidel. Once again, nowhere to be found. Luckily — of course in the middle of Hanukkah — I was able to find some at CVS. I almost missed it because as usual the small two shelves worth of stuff was hidden on an end.

We have already planned to do online shopping to find things next year, which is absolutely ridiculous. We shouldn't have to do that. We should be able to shop in stores as everyone else does.

We should also be able to possibly do all our shopping in one store instead of going to several.

I get that the majority celebrates Christmas, but the least people could be a little more considerate of other religions. I also would like it if more people said "Happy Holidays." Once again, just being considerate of others and realizing that not everyone celebrates that same holiday.

I'm just hurt. I'm irritated and sad that my holiday seems to mean less to people each year. I try to calm myself and accept the fact that that's just how it is, but I shouldn't have to. I shouldn't have to settle.

For all my fellow Jews out there, what's it like in your area? Do your stores have more options, or does it seem like everything for you too?

For all the people who celebrate Christmas, I would like it if you tried to think about my holiday just a tad more. Wish people Happy Holidays instead of just a Merry Christmas.

For all the stores out there, please don't forget about us.