Like essentially every other basic 19-year-old year, Monday was a big night for me. The return of the Bachelorette means the return of dropping everything and anything at 7:55 to tune into someone else's love life for the next two hours. Wherever I end up watching, it's always with good friends, way too many snacks, and at least one person (read: me) stressing about their Bach Bracket. This season, like every other one in history, Chris Harrison dramatically warned us that this might be the most dramatic season yet, but surprisingly Bach nation didn't seem all too thrilled with ABC's choice for the Bachelorette.

Personally, I was a fan of Hannah's all throughout last season. I found her to be the perfect mix of stirring the pot, having a quirky personality, and being an unattainable level of pretty that I look for in Bachelor contestants. But I had my suspicions about her as the Bachelorette. However, after just one episode, I'm here to officially state my opinion: Hannah B. is going to be a phenomenal Bachelorette.

Let's talk about Hannah's charming inability to be the Bachelorette. In her many filler, weird walking through the field, posing against pier clips that she has to film, Hannah is constantly breaking into laughter and smiles. When she was meeting the guys outside of the mansion, she asked their names two or three times. She was so clearly unimpressed by some of the guys opening lines and literally made fun of them in her little interview things (John Paul Jones, I'm looking at you for being weird about your name and still managing to steal Matt Donald's rose…….it's fine). Even from these opening moments, Hannah is making it clear that she's going to be ~~real~~ as the Bachelorette and not play into ABC's weird expectations too much, which always makes for GREAT television and, you know, will probably help her find a truer relationship but like more the TV thing.

Major credit also has to be delivered to my girl Hannah for the grace with which she handled the whole Scott situation. First, I have to say that absolutely love that ABC planted a mans with a girlfriend on this season to stir up immediate drama THEN topped it off with my spirit animal aka Demi Burnett. Thank you, producers, for the plot twist early on, but also it's week one, don't start strong if you can't keep it up. Hannah, however, managed to show us exactly what to expect of her this season from this dynamic. She immediately addressed Scott instead of crying about being betrayed on night one. She stood up for herself and his hometown girl, proving to the audience and the crew that she knows her worth. Hannah kept him around for a conversation long enough to deliver some great drama but as soon as he crossed a line that he shouldn't have by talking about Colton, she literally just kicked him out of the house because she wasn't taking anymore of his BS. Snaps to you, girl.

Hannah's already showing that she has the best qualities for a Bachelorette: she's charmingly awkward but still mostly playing by ABC's rules and respects herself, but is still serving up some great drama by looking for love on television. While it's going to be difficult for this Bulldog to sit through an entire season of people saying R*** T*** to Alabama Hannah, I'm looking forward to everything else Monday nights will bring for the next few weeks!!