Despite the fact that there were only 4 seasons and one feature film, ''Hannah Montana'' became a well-known name in households all over the world.

Starring Miley Cyrus as a girl living a double life as both regular teenage girl Miley Stewart and famous pop sensation Hannah Montana, this Disney Channel show gave us some of the best music to listen to growing up.

I could never get over how so many of her songs basically spelled out to everyone that she was living a double life. In honor of this, I compiled a list of all of the songs (at least the ones I could think of) that talk about being famous but also being an ordinary girl.

Feel free to jam out and reminisce as you scroll!

1. Best of Both Worlds

Livin' two lives is a little weird

But school's cool cause nobody knows


Yeah you get to be a small town girl
But the big time when you play your guitar

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2. The Other Side of Me

If you could see
The other side of me
I'm just like anybody else, can't you tell
I hold the key (the key)
To both realities

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3. You'll Always Find Your Way Back Home

You can change your hair and you can change your clothes
You can change your mind, that's just the way it goes
You can say goodbye and you can say hello
But you'll always find your way back home


Where they know exactly who you are
Where the real you is a superstar
You know it's never too far away

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4. Just Like You

I'm a lucky girl
Whose dreams came true
But underneath it all
I'm just like you


Half the time I've got my name in lights
The other half I'm by your side

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5. Ordinary Girl

Suddenly so far out of reach
Wish they could see that underneath
I'm just an ordinary girl

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6. Rock Star

If you only knew the real me
I might even be a rock star
I'm telling you that we are meant to be
Now wouldn't it be nice if you could see
That I really am a rock star

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7. Old Blue Jeans

Take away the glamor, the world, let it show
And forget everything you know
Take away the mirrors, the limos, the lights
'Cause I don't wanna dress up tonight

I'm gonna put on my old blue jeans
I'm gonna walk outta here into the street
Would you put up resistance?
Would it make a difference?
Would you know the real me?

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