Hannah B And Tyler C Spilled ALL The Quarantine Crew Tea You've Been Wondering About Since March
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Hannah B And Tyler C Spilled ALL The Quarantine Crew Tea You've Been Wondering About Since March

F is for friends who do stuff together.

Hannah B And Tyler C Spilled ALL The Quarantine Crew Tea You've Been Wondering About Since March

I'm going to tell you straight off the bat, Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron are just friends – F for friends who do stuff together. Nothing more, nothing less; however, their chemistry is off the charts. Hannah Brown's "What Really Happened" YouTube video and Tyler's mukbang video, dive deep into what really went down during quarantine.

After Tyler's mom's passing, Hannah reached out and the pair were ready to bury the hatchet. Hannah was going through her own personal family trauma, so they quickly became one another's emotional support systems. This does not mean that they hooked up, started dating, or anything of the sorts. Instead, they decided to work on their friendship and keep it that way.

Let's take a moment because of kudos to them for being mature and deciding that they weren't in stable places to begin anything.

As we know, Hannah Brown's season of The Bachelorette didn't really work out for the both of them when it comes to love. There were ups and downs and once the season ended, there were even more downs. The exes were not on speaking terms until Hannah reached out.

Nevertheless, quarantining together was tough and social media did not get it right. TikTok blew up The Quarantine Crew, but Hannah struggled to find her place in her ex's house filled with his best friends. Imagine being stuck in a house with your ex's friends –yikes! And the pressure from fans, social media, and paparazzi created even more strain.

Although Tyler and Hannah did sleep in the same bed for 18 days, there was never one kiss. They weren't in a place to have fun and jump back into a relationship. Even more frustrating is that Hannah wanted to talk about their relationship, but Tyler kept hitting her with the "let's just figure it out" phrase. Yet, there wasn't anything to figure out. Their just friends and before you know it, tension grew and the pair stopped talking to one another again. They were ready to kill one another all over again and they just needed some space.

I mean it does make sense, they jumped into a dating show, then stopped talking, then each went through separate traumas, then started living together out of nowhere. They needed some much-understood space.

Today, they are finally in a place to hash it all out and leave bygones and bygones. As Tyler put it, "Why be old when you could be cool?" They've had that important heart to heart conversation, and they are back and better than ever.

At the end of the day, it is not my place, it's not your place, it's not anyone's place to push a relationship on them.

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