Halloween: Costumes You Should Not Wear


One of my favorite holidays, next to Christmas. I still can not believe it is right around the corner! This year has went by so fast, it is ridiculous. Since it is almost time for tricks and treats, I decided to ask around about the costume do's and dont's this year.

All my reliable sources have told me that you should definitely be something you love and have always wanted to be. Whether it is your dream job, or your favorite character in a book, be something different. Don't be something that everyone wants you to be. Don't be something just because you see everyone else doing it.

Be yourself, not literally, but use your own imagination instead of someone else's.

Make your costume fun! Halloween should be a time of some serious fun memories!

Out of everyone I have asked, these are the top 4 they have picked that you should not wear this Halloween:


I'm serious guys, this epidemic has gone to far. People have been attacked, harrassed, and killed. You do know that if you are a clown that people are not going to take you seriously. If you go to far, someone might hurt you. Just know if you wanna be a clown, be prepared for people to avoid your presence.

2.) Harley Quinn or the Joker

I know there are a lot of new movies that have came out this year, but I'm just going to warn you that most people are going to be Harley Quinn and the Joker. Seriously. Ask any basic girl or dude. I mean, if you want to be them, do it, by all means, but don't be surprised when there are 5 people wearing the same costume as you.

3.) Politics

This is a touchy subject to begin with. If you plan on supporting your favorite candidate on Halloween, people could get offended. Not that it matters, it's Halloween. Though, the crazies come out that night and like I said before. You could get hurt for "supporting the wrong person".

4.) Terrorist

I had one guy tell me this and I was stunned. I asked him to specify, he said that he met a man last Halloween that wore a fake bomb and everything. You might hitch a ride to prison that night. So guys, please don't be a terrorist. If I could put a laughing emoji I would.

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