11 Ideas For Halloween Costumes With Your Friends Since Halloween Is Quickly Approaching
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11 Ideas For Halloween Costumes With Your Friends Since Halloween Is Quickly Approaching

Everyone's going to be #SQUADGOALS.

11 Ideas For Halloween Costumes With Your Friends Since Halloween Is Quickly Approaching

Halloween is approaching us faster than we think it is! This means that everyone is trying to decide on whose haunted house party should we go to or what should you and your friends should dress up as. We tend to look for the perfect costume that displays creativity and accurately describes their personality. Every year, group costumes become more elaborate and fresh characters are introduced in new movies and shows.

Mean Girls

We always wear pink on Wednesdays. Well, Halloween is on Thursday this year. However, dressing up as Regina, Gretchen, Karen, and Cady would make a great Halloween costume. So, get your friends together and decide who will be who... this might ruin ur relationship but who cares! It's a great costume!


This show is one of the classics like if you haven't seen it, you need to watch it. These group of friends are absolutely goals like everyone wishes to have friends that are always there for you and will be your lifelong friends. My friends and I have decided to dress up each as one of the characters from friends. Each of the characters have a unique personality and we each will dress up according to the character that matches our personality the most.

Great Gatsby

Dressing up as if you are a part of the roaring 20's is a unique idea that most people wont come up with. Its also a very easy costume all you need is a fancy shiny outfit and you are good to go!

The 7 Dwarfs

This would only work if you have 7 friends in your friend group! You each can pick a dwarf that matches your personality and basically you would be your personality for Halloween!

M & Ms

I know this is a basic one but who doesn't love m&ms!


You and your group of friends could diy your Halloween costumes and make them BERRY cute!

Starbucks Drinks

Starbucks is an all-time place for my friends and I to hang out so where ever that place may be for your friends, you guys should all dress up as the menu of someplace that you guys hangout daily. These costumes can be as basic as you want them to be it doesn't need to perfect!

Mario Kart Characters 

This game in particular was my all-time favorite game that I used to play on my 3Ds. They recently came out with Mario Kart on the App store and it truly as been addicting. I play it all the time and it reminds me of my childhood so this is one of the most trending ideas since Mario Kart came out on the App store.

Apps from the App store

I remember last year while I was giving candy to little kids, I saw a group of teens dressed up as apps like Snapchat, Instagram, Netflix, Youtube, and many more. With this idea, you and your friends could easily diy boards that are apps that you most likely use.

Hydro Flask Water Bottle

Tik Tok has everyone out here buying hydro flask water bottles!

Pac Man

Everyone used to play this game all the time. Why not dress up like one?

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