7 Halloween Costumes School Teachers Should Dress Up As
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7 Costumes Elementary School Teachers Should Dress Up As For Their Class This Halloween

4. Miss Frizzle from Magic School Bus

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From book characters to toys, these seven Halloween costumes will be the hit of your classroom.

1. "If You Give a Mouse A Cookie'

I think this is one book that all teachers adore! What's cuter than mouse ears and a huge chocolate chip cookie?!

2. Playdough tubs

This one isn't just fun, it's also so creative! Get all your teacher friends to join in!

3. The hungry hungry caterpillar

I hope I'm not the only one who just loved the art in these books! So nostalgic and beautiful!

4. Miss Frizzle from "The Magic School Bus"

Such a great show and perfect for all you teachers who wish they could have ridden the magic school bus!

5. Pete The Cat

Calling all pre-k and kindergarten teachers, I know you want to throw on some whiskers and rock your school shoes.

6. A book worm

What a cute idea to not only dress up but also share your love of reading!

7. Sam I Am

Dr. Seuss would be so proud of you for dressing up as this for your kiddos!

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