Having fun for Halloween shouldn't stop with trick-or-treating

Having fun for Halloween shouldn't stop with trick-or-treating


When Autumn rolls around everyone is super excited. The leaves are falling, it smells like pumpkin in every store that you walk into, and it seems like every store is having a sale on shorts. But the best part of Autumn are the holidays. The days when families get together and do silly little crafts and start planning for whose house they'll be at for Thanksgiving. However there is one Autumn holiday that stands out among the rest. It makes children giddy with excitement because of what princess or superhero they'll be. It makes parents cringe when they have to buy 10 bags of $9.98 candy from Walmart for their kids and the kids from the neighborhood.

Hocus Pocus, Halloween, Halloweentown, and Stephen King's IT. It's a time for children to be scared pants-less by their neighborhood and for the teenagers to wonder if they really are to old for trick or treating. However all that changes once you get to college because ... The battle of best dress is on! College students go all out for Halloween. There are two types of colleges kids when it comes to Halloween. You have the "I knew what I was going to be for Halloween back in March" type of people and the "I literally just threw this on and gave it a name" type of people. However you come to your costume is cool, but just know that everyone will be judging you.Times like these you get to see which girls like to play cool and which girls like to go all out. Which guys are sleazy and which guys have incredibly good manners.

There was nothing better as a child than going to Mr. and Mrs. Johnson's house and getting the full size candy bars! Or going to the Lang house and getting those little toys along with your candy. However college kids do not have that luxury anymore of dressing up and going door to door. Though we college kids may be too old to engage in trick or treating we have something much much better ... PARTIES! Yes! This is what people really get dressed for on Halloween, the parties. The crazy and super fun parties. This is what makes girls try on 5 different costumes to make sure they have the right one. This is what makes guys try on things that they'd never in a million years try on again (or at least until next Halloween). You want to be noticed on Halloween right? Why not get out there and walk around in a big Snow White dress? Or better yet why not go in a skimpy Snow White dress? Listen, as long as you are ready for a dance battle in the costume at anytime then you are totally fine. The last thing you want is to be slipping in falling when you're trying to do the running man.

Halloween is about expressing yourself and trying something new! Go out and talk to that boy who you've been staring down for months in Bio. Go ask that girl for a dance who you only talk to for the notes in class that you miss. Go out on that dance floor and DROP IT LIKE IT'S HOT! like one is watching, and I can guarantee that the people who are watching you are only watching because they're about to go out and bust a move also. Be yourself for Halloween or be someone totally different. The choice is yours. You can buy a costume or make one yourself. Go solo or with your friends (though it's always encouraged to go with your friends you'll have a much better time). It is better to act a fool on Halloween because 9/10 nobody is going to remember it the next day because we are now transformed into full blown Thanksgiving mood.The biggest tip when choosing your costume is to GO BIG OR GO HOME! Oh and have fun of course.

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The Weeks Leading Up To Spring Break, As Told By 'Spring Breakers'

These weeks are the complete opposite of pure joy.

For most college students, spring break is upon us soon.

It's no doubt the best part of the spring semester. A few more weeks until we have a nice long break. It's the time of year that your work ethic is tested and you just want to go on that vacation or head home for a bit. It's that wonderful time during the semester when you are granted a whole week to be free from the dining hall and the awful dorm showers.

It's a week of pure bliss, but the weeks beforehand are anything but pure bliss and joy.

1. When you aren't sure that you are going to make it through the next few weeks.

There's so much work and your energy is spent. You want to sleep and relax, not type a six-page essay.

2. When you have no breaks or downtime at all because your workload is out of control.

You don't even attempt to look at your planner or tears will be shed. Instead, you just laugh to cope with the pain.

3. When you want that spring break body, but then again, ice cream is better.

Eat the ice cream; it's so much better than the salad, I promise.

4. When you remember how many days you actually have until your break.

Then, you cry a little more and need a hug.

5. When you have two essays due tomorrow and three exams the day after.

Also, you're really just wondering if college is really worth it.

6. When someone asks you how your classes are going.

Just don't ask, please.

7. When the professor says, "You can teach yourselves the chapter over break."

You know you are not going to do it.

8. When you are finally packing to go home for the week or for your vacation, and you try to cram all your belongings into your luggage.

There's so much stuff, don't even get me started.

9. When you are finally at home or on the vacation that you dreamt of for the past three weeks.

The world is wonderful again.

Cover Image Credit: Unsplash – Morre Christophe

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