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For many college students, as the weather begins to cool, the yearly question of what to be for Halloween creeps into the corners of our brains. Because Halloween at college is stretched over the course of multiple days, multiple costumes are needed, which is especially rough when simply coming up with ONE costume can be tricky. And why is coming up with ideas of Halloween costumes so hard? Because most people want to avoid "basic" costumes, aka outfits that many people opt to wear. And it's not that these costumes are necessarily bad, it's just that so many people wear them, or have in the past, so there is very little originality. But is that really so bad?

Often deciding what to wear for Halloween is a headache, as you want to avoid a "basic" costume, but still look cute, have people know what you're dressed up as, and for it to be relatively cheap. However, most of these qualities fit those of a popular, commonly worn costumes. Creativity can be pricey in regards to costumes, as well as time-consuming. Hence why I believe that wearing a basic costume is not a crime.

Because Halloween in college is multiple nights, if not multiple weekends like this years, it is all but impossible to have n original costume every single night. Hence, why, as girls, we should stop judging each other for throwing on a black dress and cat ears, and calling it a night. Because, we've all been there, probably multiple times, if we're being honest! And we should be honest with ourselves when it comes to Halloween, a night where we're supposed to dress up and have fun. There shouldn't be any costume shaming on such a night! Just enjoy yourself!

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