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7 Thoughts I've Had Halfway Through Biochem

I thought I was going to make it out alive, I thought wrong.

7 Thoughts I've Had Halfway Through Biochem

Biochemistry is a whole new world. An entirely new field. After my first week of biochemistry at the University of Maine I was looking forward to the rest of the semester because I was feeling good and confident about the material. But boy was I wrong. Eight full weeks later and my thought process about biochemistry has gone in a complete spiral, circle or randomness.

I studied really hard took notes prior to class, never missed class. Did the worksheets, the homework and all the extra stuff I possibly could in order to get the best grade possible and it worked.

For the first section of the class. On February 13. Now it is the beginning of April.

Then things slowly began to fall apart. Now I can go to biochemistry sit through an hour-long lecture and have literally no idea what happened. Or I can sit through an hour-long lecture and understand literally everything, it is such a hit or miss. Here is a little insight into the crazy thoughts come week eight.



Go the first exam back, ya know feeling pretty good about it. Might actually get the grade I wanted in this class. Working hard has done everything I wanted it to do. Super proud, I can do this. Biochem isn't the worst thing ever. I was super excited and interested in the class. You do well and you feel well which is one of the best parts of college.

2. Why is the AC on in February


My friend and I decided to move seats so we were closer in the front in order to hopefully keep up the trend of doing well because we both want to perform well for graduate school. We picked the only set of two seats near the front that does not take someone else's seat and has an outlet (you need either your phone or computer). AND THE AIR CONDITIONER BLOWS DIRECTLY ON IS.

3. How are people doing so bad?


Exam two comes around and ya know we have studied and worked just as hard. Especially considering we had a TA teach a class because our professor was at a Conference. It is not that he is a bad teacher he just goes very quick making it difficult to follow. Anyways at this point, I felt as if we were being hand fed answers.

I overheard people talking about their grades and realized that people were doing really really bad. It made me very confused and concerned about how people were still doing so poorly because if you put the effort in, it didn't seem that bad. Obviously, everyone learns at their own rate but ya know.

4. LOL WHAT IS HAPPENING?????????????????


Then the world fell apart. Our topics got so much harder, and so hard to keep up with. Part of the problem is that notes do not get posted until like 20 minutes before the class and I learn so much better when the notes are posted the night before so I can take them and then write what is verbally said in class.

5. Where is my professor?


So somewhere between exam 2 and exam 3 the professor disappeared for over a week. (He was super sick BUT STILL) AND he still expected we had the exam on the normal day. Oh no no no. That is going to be a huge problem.

6. More Beneficial: notes or homework?


I have checked out. HELP. SOS. SAVE ME. I would legit get to class and determine would it be more beneficial to take notes and listen in class or do homework and like half listen sort of. No my homework was not all for biochem but hey it's nine weeks in, senioritis has taken a giant toll on me.

7. I am going to fail.


I've come to face it. I am going to do crap on this test. I can study forever but it is going to be a rough one. I wish college professors were not allowed to schedule exams on the same day. Which do I study for? Both. How? Freaking Magic That's How!

But in all seriousness biochemistry has gone from one of my favorite classes to one I dread. And yes I promise to study extra hard and everything is going to help you will still do fairly well. You need to power through the last five weeks of the semester whether or not it's your last. It is going to be hard. It is going to suck. But you CAN and WILL achieve great things

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