The 3 Best Halal Burger Places In Metro Detroit
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The 3 Best Halal Burger Places In Metro Detroit

The list just may make you hungry by reading it.

The 3 Best Halal Burger Places In Metro Detroit

Being Muslim there's a whole 'nother appreciation for a burger that's not only delicious but also halal. Now, personally, I still eat food as long as it isn't pork simply because of the lack of convenient halal food on a college campus. Regardless, finding a good halal place is definitely a treasure worth note and without question a place that you'll hear about from any brown person craving a burger.

Here are the go to's and they're really interchangeable on convenience.

1. Famous Hamburger

Amazing presentation, a diverse menu of shakes and burgers, and the only one on this list with a location in Dearborn and a second in Canton as well.

2. Good Burger

This place also only has one stop in Dearborn, but is definitely noteworthy for its massive burgers and mouth-watering presentation.

3. Taystee's Burgers

Taystee's is a solid Michigan choice but stands as a limited choice with their only store being in Dearborn — a theme common among many of the Halal stops for fast food.

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