I Changed My Hair, Then Changed My Life
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I Changed My Hair, Then Changed My Life

The true power of a good haircut.

I Changed My Hair, Then Changed My Life
Leyla Langlois, Amanda Coletti

“A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.”

Coco Chanel’s lovely quote was mentioned to me by my hair stylist while I sat in the cute coastal-themed hair salon about to make a major change. Not only was I cut off 5 inches of my hair, I was dying it from my natural brunette to a bright honey blonde. I was also going through another change in my life.

After two and a half years in my current neuroscience research program, I was graduating with a masters and switching fields to pursue a career in science communication. After ten years of studying science to prepare myself as a research scientist, this switch was life-changing, and that made me realize the power of a good haircut.

Aside from the physical beauty that comes with trimming away those dead split ends and having a professional stylist create a perfectly coifed masterpiece, the process of cutting hair is often associated with times of change.

Hundreds of movies feature a woman cutting her hair in a pivotal scene when a drastic life event occurs.

From Tris Prior giving herself an ear-length cut after watching her parents die in “Divergent” to Mulan dramatically slicing her hair to shoulder length with a sword, these hair transformations not only symbolize a life event but signifies a control over their lives. Tris was living in a highly structured, controlling society before she hopped on the train to start a rebellion, Mulan was constricted by the pressures of her culture and was being prepped to find a husband before she disguised herself as a man to go to war.

In life, we often see women cutting their hair after a breakup, before a new job, or after a traumatic event.

It is a way to re-invent ourselves, change how we present ourselves to society in a statement of self-empowerment. It is, quite literally, a weight off our shoulders.

In my current work situation, I felt trapped. The road ahead filled me with dread instead of excitement. I knew that I had to make this change at this moment. With my hair, this change was not made in a split-second rash decision. I made the appointment two weeks in advance and I researched examples of different styles and colors on Instagram and Pinterest. I was 100% certain about my choice, and very satisfied with the results.

So, how did my new haircut work out for me in terms of my major life change?

The morning that I went to make my degree decision official, I was still extremely nervous. Nothing was going to cure that. But what I realized was during that morning, there was nothing left I could do to prepare, and that my worry was futile.

Instead, I focused on how easy it was to shampoo my very short hair and how smooth it felt as I was styling it. I noticed how the light reflected the highlights in my hair and how the blonde color brought out the blue in my eyes. I smiled. I felt good for the first time in a very long time.

I felt beautiful, I felt confident, and I felt fearless.

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