Are you a True Harry Potter Junkie?
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Are you a True Harry Potter Junkie?

Let's determine if you have genuine wizard blood flowing through your veins or if you're just a Muggle wanna-be!

Are you a True Harry Potter Junkie?

If you're confident in your Harry Potter obsession, then see if you meet these 7 standards of an authentic junkie!

1. You're annoyed by the details the movies left out...

Peeves the Poltergeist

While we've all heard people say "never compare the book to the movie," that seems to be a lot easier said than done. Most Harry Potter junkies know the ins and outs of the book series and cannot help voicing their disappointment at the hundreds of details that simply vanished under the invisibility cloak of the movie franchise. But I know, I know. The movies can't be 8 hours long each...Or can they.......?

2. You know ALL the movie lines...

Wizard Dueling

Fill in the blank: Professor Snape says, "Turn to page ______."

If your answer isn't 394, I can't dub you a true junkie. But I know I can't be the only one who annoys others by mouthing/whispering/voicing/SHOUTING all the iconic lines during the movies! For me, it's honestly muscle memory at this point. To continue this tradition of annoying friends and family alike, just wait until spooky season hits to rewatch all 8 films! After all, we DID solemnly swear to be up to no good...

3. You know your *official* Hogwarts House...

Hogwarts Sorting Experience

Legitimate Harry Potter fans have likely spent hours venturing a guess as to their true Hogwarts house: Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, or Slytherin. And if you're serious about finding out, you've probably taken the Hogwarts Sorting Experience on (formerly Pottermore). This personality quiz of sorts is dedicated to christening you to one of the four houses and was created by none other than J.K. Rowling herself! What's more legit than that?!

4. You've reread the books again...and AGAIN...

Hermione Reading

Grab your fuzzy socks, pour a mug of hot chocolate, and cozy up next to a fire to reread the Harry Potter books...AGAIN. In my opinion, there is no better sign of a good book series than one that feels like you're reading it for the first time EVERY time; one that allows you to glean new details and perspectives with each successive read. For me, Harry Potter does just that. Every time I reread the series, I pick up on more and more moving parts that I didn't previously. True Harry Potter junkies read the books more than once...or more than ten times...Who's counting anyway?!

5. You've visited the iconic Harry Potter World at Universal Studios...

Diagon Alley in Harry Potter World at Universal Studios

The BEST addition to Universal Studios (in my humble opinion), has been the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. True fans have visited this holy ground of all things Harry Potter and checked off all the MUST DOs:

- buying a wand (one that chose them, of course!) that activates different interactive spots throughout the park

- drinking several overpriced Butter Beers

- collecting various Harry Potter garb and memorabilia

- adventuring on all the Harry Potter-inspired rides!

If you've never been, book your plane ticket to Orlando right this minute! I mean, grab your broomstick and fly off.....

6. You're STOKED for Harry Potter Hogwarts Legacy to drop...

Hogwarts Legacy

If you've been keeping up with the hype, then you know all about newly released launch date for the long-awaited Hogwarts Legacy! It's an immersive, open-world video game where you embody a fifth year Hogwarts student who is tasked with managing a mysterious ancient magic that has made an ominous resurgence in the Wizarding World. Count down the days until February 10, 2023!

​7. You're dedicated to converting muggles to the life of a Harry Potter Junkie...​

Harry Potter Family Movie Night

Know someone who hasn't found platform 9 3/4 yet? A true Harry Potter junkie isn't satisfied with the existing fan base, but wants -- no, NEEDS -- to multiply it ("Geminio," anyone?)! Only the most dedicated fans will make an effort to convert the muggles in their lives to the greater world of witches, wizards, and all manner of magic. And no matter how much time has passed, whatever you do, don't let the magic die out!

So, what have you discovered? Are you a true Harry Potter junkie?

If not, no worries! It's never too late to convert. After all, Albus Dumbledore once said: "It matters not what someone is born, but what they grow to be."

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