Guy Friends Are An Essential

Having different types of friends is an important component of everyone's life. Every relationship you've built throughout the years brings something specific to your life. You have the friend who you will hit up if you need a shoulder to cry on, the one who is always down for an adventure, the person who is the best at holding a conversation and of course, the person who has known you the longest.

Each friendship has it's uniqueness and is different from any other. However, one of the biggest differences in friendships is between guy friends and girlfriends. While your girls are always there for you no matter what and they are your ride or dies, guy friendships are some of the most fun ones you'll ever have. As long as it is strictly friends, these friendships can give you tons of insight and advice on various topics that a girl perspective wouldn't be able to give.

Guys care, but they don't always care about the drama. You can rant to them about anything and they are there to listen, and they're loyal so you never have to worry about them spreading rumors. It's nice to know that there is someone in your life who isn't always going to be starting something and creating situations that are unneeded. They're there for the actual friendship part and will remain to be there for you.

Guys aren't as picky. You can call up any of your guy friends and odds are, if they're free, they are down to do whatever. Need a gym buddy? Someone, to accompany you while you do errands? Craving a bite to eat? Send a quick text to your best guy pal and not only will they provide company, but also constant entertainment.

Guys have a different perspective than girls, so they can definitely provide advice that some of your other friends wouldn't be able to. Have a question about boys? Who better to ask than a boy?! You can still be yourself around the guys and be treated as equal. Sure, there will be plenty of times where inside jokes get brought up or there will be a conversation you won't understand, but guy friends are a necessity for everyone's life. Girlfriends get you and have been through it all with you, but the fun and memories you get from your guy friends are different and deserved to be valued just the same.

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