There are many things in this life that bring me extreme joy: "Zootopia", "Hannah Montana", Jake Paul, lemons, and Guy Fieri. Guy Fieri holds a special piece of my heart. I grew up watching "Drive-in's, Diners, and Dives", which I now refer to as "Drive-ins, Drivers, and Drives" and love "Guy's Groceries Games" with a passion. However, Guy Fieri is the king of gifs. So here are the top 10 Guy Feiri gifs you needed in your life and didn't even know. I hope the void in your life now feels filled.


Going in for that fist bump with full confidence but then misses...better luck next time!


I'm not even sure what's happening in this one but once I saw it, I felt complete?


That moment you realize that Guy is human too and he too cannot always remember how to eat pizza.


When you're watching triple D or triple G and Guy cracks a hilarious joke


Guy is the silliest.


When you're happy and you know it watch guy clap his hands!


Did you ever doubt that he lost it?


Listen to that asparagus purr, Guy!


The only thing better than SNL Guy Fieri is hot dogs in ugg boots. I swear!


Thank you, Guy!