Changing Starbucks Order
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A Guide To Changing Up Your Starbucks Order

I have put together a guide of sorts to trying new drinks without stepping too far out of your comfort zone.

A Guide To Changing Up Your Starbucks Order
Blue Sitten

So, it's finally a new school year and you want to finally pry yourself away from your skinny caramel macchiato habit. But what on Earth are you going to order if you don't order your regular? I get it, Starbucks can be overwhelming, the level of customization only gets higher with each passing month and that can be intimidating. Alas, I have put together a guide of sorts to trying new drinks without stepping too far out of your comfort zone.

1. Don't stray too far from the homestead.

There's a reason you've been drinking iced vanilla lattes for as long as you can remember: you like them. So instead of going wild child and ordering a salted cream cold foam cold brew (which not only is a mouthful to say but is a mouthful to taste), try to stay close to the drink you've always enjoyed. Here are a few ideas for you iced vanilla latte lovers:

-Sub out the milk, especially if you're trying to cut calories or if you're just trying to be a good human. I love the coconut milk in a vanilla latte, it tastes like you're on vacation (and that is a good taste my friends). And if you don't like coconut milk- try soy. Warning: Starbucks Soy milk is vanilla flavored, so it will be a stronger, sweeter taste.

-HAVE YOU TRIED THE BLONDE ESPRESSO? Sorry, don't mean to shout. But I will forever defend blonde espresso, especially in a vanilla latte. Here are my reasons: Blonde espresso is a lighter and smoother espresso blend - it's not going to taste bold or roasted, and because of that it pairs incredibly well with vanilla. Seriously, if you're looking for a new drink, try an iced blonde vanilla latte, it changed my life.

-Keep the vanilla if you must, but order it with fewer pumps and mix in a different syrup. So if you've always wanted to try toffee nut (which, I don't blame you) order an "iced latte with 2 pumps vanilla and 1 pump toffee nut" or any other syrup you've been reluctant about but always interested in. (Hint: this works with seasonal syrups as well!)

2. Keep an open mind.

A lot of people take their coffee the same way every single day and get thrown off by trying something new once and disliking it. Try again, you might be surprised. This one's for all of you cold brew fanatics. I love a good cup of cold brew as much as the next girl - but it is definitely not my go-to at Starbucks. So if you're married to your cold brew I've got a few ideas on how you can spruce up your Starbucks.

-Embrace the cold foam. Not what you wanted to hear? I know. Just hear me out: if you tried it when it first launched and absolutely hated it, I get it and me too. BUT the recipe has been perfected since then and I truly believe one of the best ways to drink cold brew is with light ice, cold foam, and liquid cane syrup. Try not to sub out the foam with a milk sub, it just won't froth properly.

-I said liquid cane because it'll sweeten the cold brew without overpowering the smoothness and taste. A LOT of Starbucks syrups compete with cold brew and the person drinking it always loses. Instead of forcing a flavor into your cold brew try enhancing its sweeter notes with a lighter syrup. I suggest liquid cane (ask for extra if you like it sweeter), classic, or sugar-free vanilla.

3. So you don't like coffee but you love Starbucks?

Are you a peach green tea lemonade kinda person? A Frappucino fan? Committed to strawberry açaí? I know you're out there, and as much as your barista may dislike you - I don't. I get you. Let's talk.

-First off Starbucks doesn't make a PGTL like they used to, but here's the next best thing: Sweetened green tea lemonade with extra peach infusion and a splash of mango dragon fruit.

-Frappuccinos have a time and a place, afternoon pick me up, bad day cure, late-night cravings, even a seasonal fix. That being said, please don't order them every day or you will most likely end up with diabetes. If I'm ordering a frap it's usually a salted caramel (don't knock it, I love her) and in order to get a more milkshake-like texture: sub whole milk for heavy cream or breve. Heres the biggest tip when it comes to fraps: don't try to count your calories with it, even with nonfat milk your syrup is still full sugar, and the emulsifier put in every.single.Frappucino. is where most of the calories come from and it won't blend without it. So, just enjoy the frap, my friend.

-I cannot tell you how many strawberry açaí lemonades I used to make in a day, it's insane. But here's my thought: mango dragonfruit is like 10000000x better. Seriously. And it's way cooler looking. My favorite way to drink a refresher is an iced green (or white) tea sub water with mango dragon fruit, try it and you will not be disappointed.

-Last but not least, I can't lie to y'all... if you want iced coffee, go to Dunkin'.

-I'm missing being a barista, I'm counting the days until fall, and im_blu3

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