How To Complete The 'Rosé All Day' Challenge

A Comprehensive Guide To Sorta Completing The 'Rosé All Day Challenge'

Bread and water are key, or just save your liver and don't the challenge.


I have one thought about the Rosé All Day Challenge: That shit hurted! (This is a vine reference I swear I'm not illiterate.)

So, the Rosé All Day Challenge was brought to my attention while I was in Paris for study abroad and one of the other students begged that we do it. Being a long-time lover of rosé I easily joined in before even hearing the actual guidelines for the challenge.

^me the second anyone mentions the word "rosé."

According to Buzzfeed, the guidelines are: Once an hour everyone participating in the challenge must drink 5 oz of rosé at their own pace.

This may seem like child's play, but the hours really add on.

After popping open our first bottle, the two other students and I were feeling very confident in our drinking abilities and figured that since we had the day to ourselves it would be a great idea to walk around Paris — a foreign city where we knew no one and didn't have anything but a backpack stuffed with wine bottles. I'm so sorry Mom and Dad.

To add on to our bright idea to mindlessly roam the city, we also had no cups. To remain true to the challenge we did the only reasonable thing: drink straight out of the bottle like a depressed housewife. Definitely one of our shining moments.

After getting lost 87 times looking for somewhere to eat, the 5 oz an hour began to take its toll. I'm 80% sure that if we would not have miraculously found a café shortly after the fourth hour of the challenge, I think I would still be sitting on a curbside in Paris right now. If there is one thing I have learned from this it is: day drinking sucks when you're actually outdoors and moving.

^my feelings after walking in the hot sun for hours while drinking wine.

Luckily this death feeling quickly faded once we sat down and had the best meal of my life: a heaping bowl of chicken caesar salad. I want to thank not only God but also Jesus for this glorious meal, it was truly a blessing. I'm not even a salad gal, but for whatever reason, drunk me was compelled to go for it and it was the best decision of the day.

After eating and shot-gunning water, we all felt back to our original selves, confident that we could easily handle more rosé, even though we had no reason to.

Before leaving the restaurant we all went to the bathroom, and once I looked in the mirror I made the horrid realization: we were nowhere near conquering the challenge, oh no, it was conquering us. Have you ever looked in the mirror while drunk? It's truly shaking. For me, it's like looking at a stranger with wine-stained lips. It's not a pretty sight.

Moving on from this horrid sight, we decided that it was very crucial that we go see the Eiffel Tower immediately, even though it was pouring rain and all we had was a Jansport backpack and empty bottles of wine. Seems logical.

Once getting there 20 minutes later, and 10lbs heavier from all the rainwater soaking us, we stood in awe glaring up at the massive tower with our drunk, glossy eyes. It was incredible. I'm honestly so proud of myself for not drunk-girl crying or doing any dramatic shit. It was definitely the perfect way to end our pitiful attempt at rosé all day.

So, if you find yourself having a sudden urge to "rosé all day," I don't suggest it unless you have a bomb salad and the Eiffel Tower on standby.

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To The Girl Who Doesn't Party In College

They are rare, I know.

I know what you all are thinking, she is just writing the article to brag on herself or to show the world the kind of person she is. No, I am writing this article to the girl out there who feels as if she is alone.

Not being a part of the party season is not the most popular thing to do on a college campus.

Most people spend their days thinking about what they will do at night. Life pretty much revolves around the next party. But for people like me, it isn't spent thinking about alcohol or the next party I'm going to attend. And that can get pretty lonely.

It is not like I sit and wallow in my sadness or ever feel like my friends leave me out because I don't drink. I have great friends that support every decision I make.

But, some are not that lucky.

Some girls don't have the support system like me and I am here to tell you to never compromise the person you want to be just because you don't fit in. If you don't want to party, don't give in just because your friends are pressuring you into. Not to sound cliche, but find new friends because they are not your real ones.

Choosing to stay true to you will pay off in the end, and you won't regret it. I promise.

I don't know why you choose to not attend the party scene, but I would be hindering my calling if I didn't tell you why I don't. I know this guy, and his name is Jesus. He is my best friend and the person I talk to about everything. It is because of Him that I decided to not party, to set an example for the people around me.

But, I am also not 21. So I don't think, by any means, that me having a margarita when I turn 21 is hurting my reputation or my testimony.

I firmly believe that alcohol isn't a sin when consumed in the right ways. I also don't ever see myself as a partier, 21 or not. Partying is a way of conforming and a way of becoming what this fallen world deems acceptable.

So to the girl who fails to be the typical college partier, I commend you. I look up to you. I respect you. I want you to know how rare you are. You choosing to not party and rise above the college standard is something you will never regret. I don't believe that my college years are boring because of the way I decide to live my life. I wish that I could befriend each and every girl relating to this article.

So, when those Friday nights get boring, remember that you are not alone. You are rising above the standard.


The girl who doesn't party in college

Cover Image Credit: Krisztian Hadi / Flickr

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