Growing up a girl you learn a lot of things fast.

You learn to cross your legs and sit up straight when you sit down because that’s the “lady-like” thing to do.

You learn to cover your shoulders and wear shorts longer than your finger tips because if you don’t you will be a distraction to your male classmates.

You learn that if you dress up nice or spend extra time on your makeup it must be to impress someone else.

You learn that if a boy makes fun of you or teases you, it means he likes you.

You learn that “I have a boyfriend” is the best way to get a guy to leave you alone because “I’m not interested” isn’t a good enough reason.

You learn not to stay out too late and never walk home alone.

You learn to walk with headphones in, but not too loud so that you can still hear the people around you.

You learn that if you don’t want to get married or if you don’t want to have kids then there must be something wrong with you.

You learn to keep your mouth shut and your opinions to yourself because it is safer to blend in than it is to express yourself.

You learn to dream small, because only men are capable of accomplishing big dreams.

You learn that if you’re confident, you’re bossy.

You learn that if you’re moody, then it “must be that time of the month”.

When you grow up a girl you learn that if something bad happens to you, then “you were asking for it”.

You're taught that no matter what, boys will always run faster and throw harder than you will. You're inherently weaker.

You’re taught to be perfect while boys are taught to be brave.

Growing up a girl is growing up in fear and thinking that that is normal.

Growing up a girl you’re taught the burden of being a woman. You grow up careful not to dress too colorfully, laugh too loudly, talk too much, or act too boldly. Because that is just the way the world works.

Growing up a girl shouldn’t be this hard. So when is it going to change?